Latest News
  Dr. Jaerock Lee's 111th Book "I Will Send Elijah to You" _ Elijah Returned as John the Baptist to Make Ready the Way of the Lord
  Holy Spirit's Fiery Works Overflowed In Pastors' Seminars and Handkerchief Healing Meetings
  The Ways for a Church to Please God
  Works of God's Power Were Verified Again _ In The 14th WCDN Russia International Christian Medical Conference
  The 35th Anniversary of Manmin Central Church Was Full of Love and Power, and Attended by People from 23 Countries
  Hurricane Irma Died Out by the Powerful Prayer!
  The Works of the Holy Spirit and the Holiness Gospel Manifested and Preached in Israel and Moldova Filled Pastors and Believers!
  The Holy Spirit's Unceasing Works Are Proclaimed!_ 'Walk of Faith', a Special Program of Global Christian Network
  'The Cross Is His Love for Us!'_Passion Week, Remembering Jesus' Ministry and Crucifixion
  GCN Broadcasting Ministry Created Out of Nothing_Good and Happy Frequencies Renew Viewers' Lives
  GCN TV in 2013 NRB Convention & Exposition
  GCN TV, Which Lets Your Soul Prosper! - Christian TV for Viewers in Over 170 Countries
  2012 Christmas Lighting Ceremony Was Broadcast Live over the World via GCN TV
  More Souls Will Meet Dr. Jaerock Lee's Messages via Isaac TV
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