The Works of the Holy Spirit and the Holiness Gospel Manifested and Preached in Israel and Moldova Filled Pastors and Believers!

Manmin Central Church has been accomplishing the world mission and has been expanding the kingdom of God. In September 2017, Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee led Pastors' Seminar and Handkerchief Healing Meetings in Israel and in Moldova in Eastern Europe with the handkerchief on which Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12).

On September 7, she led Pastors' Seminar at the Gilgal Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. The seminar was attended by approximately 100 pastors, and some of them came from Russia, Ukraine, and Palestine (photos 2 and 3). Rev. Lee delivered the message under the theme of "Interpretations of Difficult Verses" (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21). She explained in detail about the meaning of the passages, "Sell your coat and buy a sword" and "Let down your net into the deep water," and shared the ways to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and receive His urging and guidance. She emphasized that, to the extent that the pastors cultivate truth in their hearts they can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and receive His urging and guidance, and thereby they can lead the church members to the truth.

Pastor Alexander Seriapov, a highly distinguished pastor in Israel, attended the seminar and said, "Dr. Soojin Lee's message was perfect based on the Bible. It was such a concrete and practical message that pastors and believers can apply to their ministry and believing lives as well. It was wonderful."

On September 9, a Handkerchief Healing Meeting was held with approximately 800 people in attendance in Shefayim Hall in Kibbutz, and it was broadcast live via GCN, TBN Russia, CNL, TBN Baltia, In Victory and through the Internet (Photo 5).

Rev. Lee (photo 1) preached the message entitled "God the Healer" taken from Exodus 15:26. She said that diseases are caused by sin and to receive healing they should repent of not believing God, doubting Him, not keeping His commandments, and having stayed at the same level of faith. After the message, she prayed for the sick with the handkerchief of power and many people came to the stage to testify to their healings.

Many people recovered better eyesight, and a woman who had not been able to walk well due to severe arthritis and great pain, testified that after the prayer all pain was gone and she was strengthened. She walked freely to the stage and happily testified to her healing. There were also many people who were set free from their diseases including paralysis and various kinds of pain.

In this meeting, there were around 100 non-Christians. One of them came to walk well after the prayer though she had not been able to walk well due to arthritis and pain in her heel. Another was also freed from lethargy and pain all over her body (photos 7 through 11).

On September 11, a Revival Meeting and the Holy Spirit's Fullness Prayer Meeting were held with Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee as the speaker at the Moldova Manmin Church in Kishinev, the capital city of Moldova. It was attended by about 180 people. The church was established by a brother who listened to Dr. Jaerock Lee's messages on YouTube and received great grace, and as of 2017 it has grown to have around 70 members (photo 6).

Before the meeting, Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee counseled church leaders, and led the baptism ceremony. In the meeting, she delivered the message of "The Parable of Ten Minas" based on Luke 19:12-24 and led Holy Spirit's Fullness Prayer Meeting. The members repented with tears and made up their minds to sanctify themselves. When Rev. Lee prayed for the sick with the handkerchief of power, many were healed of various diseases including arthritis, epilepsy, dermatitis, and many different kinds of pain. Afterward they gave their testimonies (photos 12 and 13).

Deaconess Seongkyul Ju and Power Worship Dance Team of the church's Performing Arts Committee gave wonderful performances dancing and singing songs in Hebrew, Russian, and English. They led the people in being united in the fullness of the Holy Spirit (photo 4).