God is the Great Healer!
  Dan Wooding, founder and international director of ASSIST and Assist News Service

One day in 1960, I got a letter from my mother. It was about my father's critical health condition. She said, "He's got late-stage intestinal cancer. He's got a maximum of three months to live!"

At that time I was in Canada but I went back to be with my mother in Great Britain. I prayed for him fervently with my mom and sister who had good faith. God answered our prayers. My father miraculously recovered his health and lived for 30 more years. This incident led me to accept Jesus as my Savior. But I began to become distanced from God again as I worked as a journalist in the U.K.

One of my friends told me, "Dan, God gave you talent as a good journalist, yet you are writing such low-quality articles. I want you to write about the persecution and the martyrdom of Christians in Uganda."

I founded the Christian press commentary 'Assist News Service'.

In 1979, I went to Uganda and reported about the persecution that had been inflicted on Christians there. In 1992, I contributed an article about Evangelist Billy Graham's evangelistic crusade in Moscow, which proved my reporting skill.

Back from the crusade, my wife told me, "Even Evangelist Billy Graham thinks God uses your talent in writing, so why don't you work as a journalist?"

Indeed, I had refrained from working as a journalist before the crusade in Moscow because I felt so guilty for my rotten, selfish past life. However, at the advice of my wife I moved forward with renewed determination to use my ability for God. This served as an occasion for me to found the 'Assist News Service' (www.assistnews.net).

Assist News Service is a press company like AP and Reuter. We cover stories about the world mission, the church under persecution, and things like that. We offer the news articles to about 2,600 press firms and thousands of subscribers.

I have won many awards from renowned figures such as Queen Elizabeth II as well as well-known organizations. I have been working as a commentator for UPI (United Press International). I have been kept busy interviewing many people, but there was one significant moment. It was when I met Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church.

I reported about Dr. Jaerock Lee's overseas crusades

I met Elder Johnny Kim, who is the general director of GCN TV at a SAT 7 (Arabic broadcaster) meeting held in the Republic of Cyprus in 2001. Through him, I came to know about Manmin Central Church. Since then, I've reported about Dr. Jaerock Lee's overseas crusades held in Russia, Germany, Peru, the U.S. and Israel. His ministry is extraordinary.

He conducted the overseas crusades in the countries where it was dangerous to spread the gospel. For example, his 2002 India United Crusade was held at Marina Beach, Chennai in India. At that time, the Tamil Nadu state government made attempts to stop the crusade, but Dr. Lee preached the gospel in front of a total of around three million people. A great number of people were converted to Christianity.

Just as Jesus and His disciples confirmed the Word of God with signs even under severe persecutions, Dr. Lee testified to Jesus Christ with no fear whatsoever and showed wonderful signs and wonders in the countries that tried to block the gospel. I even started to inquire into the ministry of Manmin.

I also found myself interested in the ministry through WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network). I have covered the stories about the International Christian Medical Conferences hosted by WCDN in several countries. It is truly meaningful to present the divine healing cases based on medical data before doctors from all around the world. This also can testify to the authenticity of the Bible to people world-wide.

I was fascinated by the powerful works in Manmin Central Church

I have visited Manmin Central Church seven times so far. I felt the special love between its Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee and the church members. It was the first time for me to see a church where the pastor and the church members were so strongly united with the cord of spiritual love.

The messages delivered by him had spiritually strong power and the beauty in the praise and performances done by performing arts devotional teams reminded me of heavenly life.

I witnessed the gospel and the power of God proclaimed through the messages and prayer of Dr. Lee. So many people who had suffered from diseases and other problems came to experience the grace and power of God by showing their faith.

Countless people have accepted Jesus Christ through the Manmin's ministries: GCN TV (Global Christian Network), publication ministries, Muan Sweet Water, Handkerchief Healing Meetings, just to name a few. I delivered the ministries to people around the world. Those who came to know Manmin ministries have paid the highest of compliments to the church. Netizens (an active participant in the online community of the Internet) in particular are especially impressed with the ministry toward North Korea and the WCDN's ministry.

I was healed of skin cancer on my forehead

In the early October, 2011, an amazing miracle occurred with me. One day, a tumor appeared on my forehead and grew. I was diagnosed with skin cancer and had surgery to get rid of it. But it was not completely cured.

On October 7th, I attended the 29th Anniversary Eve Performance of Manmin Central Church. Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee delivered the message and prayed for the sick. I put my hand on my forehead right away.

At the very moment, I felt something like an electronic shock penetrate my forehead. I was convinced immediately that I had been healed and thought to myself, "This is miracle! It is a real miracle!"

Back in the U.S., I talked to my doctor about my experience while I was there and was retested. As I thought, there were no cancerous cells at all. I embraced my wife Norma being overwhelmed with joy before the miraculous work. I believe it was an astounding miracle that took place as God's answer to Dr. Lee's prayer.

God is the great Healer. There is no doubt that the same great miracles of God in the past are still happening today. Are you suffering from diseases now? I pray in the name of the Lord the miracle of God will be manifested for you as well!

Together with my beloved wife, Norma