Dr. Jaerock Lee's 111th Book "I Will Send Elijah to You" _ Elijah Returned as John the Baptist to Make Ready the Way of the Lord

In celebration of Christmas, Dr. Jaerock Lee's 4th biblical figure series I Will Send Elijah to You has been published.

Dr. Lee has already authored 3 other biblical figure series: Abraham, the Friend of God; Jacob Whom I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham My Friend; and Joseph, a Passage to God's Covenant that all sold very well as bestsellers among Christian books in big bookstores. The series delivers the message of God's earnest love who does not want to lose a single soul at this end time when the Lord's second coming draws near.

This edition consists of 11 chapters under the two parts: one depicts the ministry and ascension of Elijah who performed his ministry in one of the darkest eras of Israel, and the other is the birth and ministry of John the Baptist who made ready the way of the Lord. Elijah proclaimed drought in Israel even putting his life at risk and confronted 850 Gentile prophets. He fulfilled all God-given duties and ascended in glory into heaven by a whirlwind. This book closely examines his life's journey filled with the fervor for God.

The book also presents the secret providence of his coming again to the earth as John the Baptist with the heart and power of Elijah and the God's deep and mysterious providence of leading him to enjoy the glory as the greatest person among all creatures in heaven.

The book offers a figure of the overall history of human salvation through Elijah, John the Baptist, and the Lord and contains many maps and pictures to help readers understand better.

In this darkened era, many people have been influenced by the big wave of evolutionism and humanism. They have also lost spiritual discernment. To awaken and lead them to return to Him, God has sent people of power who only obey Him with faith like that of Elijah. He has also been looking for workers who proclaim His message in this wilderness-like world and make ready the way of the Lord who will come again. This book will bring fervent spiritual awakening to Christians today and present the way of a true believing life.