God revived me who had no hope of recovery

Deaconess Hyemin Chae (New York International Manmin Church, U.S.)

Deaconess Hyemin Chae and her daughters Sonie and Hanie

In 2005, my family immigrated to New York City, USA. We attended Dr. Jaerock Lee's New York Crusade conducted in Madison Square Garden in July, 2006.
I witnessed repentance, healing and miracles; the explosive works of power that came upon the congregations. I also became filled with the Spirit and my faith seemed to grow. But afterwards, I didn't pray. So, as time went by I came to lead a Christian life that compromised with the world.

Due to repeated surgeries and excessive bleeding, it seemed impossible for me to be revived

In early 2012, I conceived my second child 12 years after I had my first child. Because of a polyp in my womb I often had a discharge of blood until the fourth month of pregnancy. So, I was frequently rushed to the emergency room.
I received Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick on my belly via the internet with the handkerchief of the power on which Dr. Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12). Shortly after that I stopped bleeding and I had no problem until the tenth month.
Around at 11 A.M., on November 6, 2012, I had a cesarean for my second child because I had had a cesarean when I delivered my first daughter. But this time it took me two more hours than average and I finally lost consciousness.
It happened to me because of some lochia, which is a vaginal discharge occurring immediately after parturition. It didn't come out after my first child's delivery. The discharge adhered to my womb and bladder with pus. Moreover, placenta, womb, and bladder were stuck to each other, which stopped placenta from coming out.
Despite everything my doctors removed placenta from me with difficulty. But uterine contraction became weak and it caused me to suffer from excessive bleeding. I received a transfusion of nine units of blood and they tried intrauterine percutaneous balloon compression to stop my bleeding, but they were of no use.
At 9 P.M. that same night, hepatic artery ligation was performed to stop the bleeding but it didn't work, either. In the end, at 10 P.M., I had to receive total hysterectomy that extracted my womb.
My doctors extracted the womb adhering to bladder with care and fixed damaged parts of bladder, but all of them didn't work well and my belly was swollen very much because the bleeding still didn't stop. Eventually, I had to have an emergency laparotomy; that is, a surgical incision was made through the abdominal wall. My doctor opened my abdomen and removed blood and fixed several holes found on the back side of the bladder. But the bleeding still continued.

I was revived through Dr. Jaerock Lee's space-and-time-transcending prayer

Pastor James Sim of New York International Manmin Church and his wife offered up prayer with fasting for me, and my family in Korea also gave fasting and prayer, repenting on my family's behalf that my family and I hadn't led proper Christian lives.
By the grace of God, the urgency of my case was made known to Dr. Jaerock Lee who was praying in his mountain prayer house. I heard that he prayed earnestly with the power of God that causes works transcending space and time to occur. I was told that I stopped the bleeding right at the moment he prayed for me. It was with the power that Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, was revived by Jesus. Hallelujah!
I made such a quick recovery that I was moved from the intensive care unit to a general ward in just two days. The doctors expressed their amazement, saying it was a miracle for me to be revived and recover so soon. They said it was the work of God and my case became the topic of conversation in the hospital.
I have been doing very well since I was discharged on November 27, 2012. After this incident, I repented that I hadn't had true faith though I said I believed God and I hadn't completely trusted the power of God performed by Dr. Jaerock Lee though I myself witnessed it countless times.
Also, I realized that a life of the world, that has nothing to do with God, is the vanity of vanities. Even more, I was given faith in and hope for New Jerusalem, the best dwelling place in Heaven.
I give all thanks and glory to God who revived me who was destined to die.