Thanks to God for Leading Me to Become a True Servant

Pastor Stanley Bogo (President of Pastors' Association, Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church in Kenya)

I was born into a Christian family in March, 1978. In my early childhood, I once wanted to be a pastor while praying and studying the Bible with my mother. But, as I grew up I was wandering in the world. I returned to the arms of the Lord in 1998 through my family's earnest prayers.

I wanted to be born again as a true Christian and devote myself to the Lord. So, I read the Bible and other Christian books and listened to various sermons, but it was not easy to find the right way. While serving the Lord as a pastor, I piled up fasting and prayers with longing to give earnest prayer like that of Elijah.

I came to have a longing for Dr. Jaerock Lee in the guidance of God

In June, 2001, I studied the Bible, led the praise service, and evangelized people in hospitals. Meantime, a pastor suggested that I should open a church with him. But he later left the church saying the amount of offerings was smaller than expected. I was perplexed, but I had to do something for the church members who were left behind. I prayed to God and asked Him to lead my way. Then, I heard a clear voice.

"I will show you one whom God Himself has taught. He will teach you."
Who is the person? Is this Dr. Morris Cerullo, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, or Pastor Benny Hinn?
I was so curious about who it was. Some famous pastors of the world came to my mind, but I couldn't discover who it was.

One day, I happened to see an ad-poster of Dr. Jaerock Lee's 2001 Kenya United Crusade. But the crusade already ended at that time. My heart started to pound.
"Mom, have you ever heard about Dr. Jaerock Lee?"
"Well, I don't know about him in detail, but I heard that he is an Asian pastor who has great power."

Reading The Message of the Cross, I came to trust in Manmin's ministry

In August, 2001, I visited Manmin Mission Center in Hurlingham, Africa. I met Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong there. He was humble and full of the love of God, the Lord, and the Spirit. I asked him to send a pastor to serve my church but Dr. Cheong advised me to learn the Word of God systematically and minister to the church myself.

I was overjoyed since I met a pastor who is trustworthy and Pastor Cheong gave me Dr. Lee's book The Message of the Cross. Reading it, I came to trust in the Manmin's ministry. Afterwards, I entered Manmin Bible Seminary to learn the holiness gospel systematically as suggested.

I learned about the meanings of spiritual things and realized the heart and will of God. I felt overwhelmed with joy. I came to have confidence in conducting a ministry. I started to preach the message of the Five-fold Gospel of Holiness, so many members received great grace and they were changed through the Word of God. Then, in April, 2003, I began working in Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church in God's will. My brother now ministers to the church I had previously served.

By experiencing the amazing work of power, I became a true pastor

Through the prayer of Dr. Cheong, I was healed of asthma that had troubled me since childhood. In 2004, I visited Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea and Muan Sweet Water Site where salty seawater was changed into drinkable sweet water by Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer (Exodus 15:25). I applied Muan Sweet Water to my eyes there, and recovered better eyesight and I no longer needed eye glasses. Hallelujah!

I serve Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church as a President of the Pastors' Association and work as an interpreter for Dr. Cheong for services, Pastors' Seminars, and Handkerchief Crusades (Acts 19:11-12). Pastors have been changed through the holiness gospel and I witnessed many powerful works in the crusades. I give thanks to God who has guided me to become a true servant of God.

Through Manmin's ministry I realized God's love towards souls in the world. I give thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee of Manmin Central Church who has been achieving His providence. I also thank Dr. Cheong who spreads the holiness gospel in Africa and spreads the will of God. I offer up all thanks and glory to God the Trinity who let me participate in the work of the Holy Spirit as a pastor of Manmin.