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  GCN TV's Participation in COICOM Exposition
  GCN TV Took Part in the 2012 Federation of International Cable TV Association of the Philippines's Exhibition
  GCN Broadcasting's Globalization Was Realized 2012 NRB Convention and Exposition
  The Fiery Works of the Holy Spirit in Republic of South Sudan!
  GCN TV in 2011 COICOM Exposition Held in Paraguay
  A Global Festival Featured with the Joy and Beauty of Heaven
  The Fiery Works of the Holy Spirit Unfolded in Asia!
  The Works of the Holy Spirit That Awakened Israel
  Dr. Jaerock Lee's 2000 Uganda Holy Gospel Crusade
  The 8th International Christian Medical Conference
  Two Pakistan Churches Come under Attack from Islamists
  2010 Sets All-Time High in Travel To Israel
  Egyptian Security Attempts to Stop Construction of Church
  Bringing Love and Life to the Lepers
  Lausanne Congress calls for a 'Second Reformation' leading to a Church that
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