Senior Pastor Lee Preaches the Message Based on the Bible-He Is My Great Teacher
  Troy Miller (NRB Network President & CEO)

The NRB Network, run by National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), started its first broadcasting in 2005. Now, in 2012, it reaches 33 % of the population of the US, but we have set a goal to cover up to 100% of US population by 2015.

We air the 'Words of Life with Dr. Jaerock Lee' every Sunday morning. His overseas crusades are also broadcast as special programming. In inspiration, I felt that Dr. Lee is a great teacher who spreads the gospel of the Lord. The NRB Network doesn't broadcast any sermons. We seek and sort out pastors who deliver the message based on the Bible.

Two years ago, I happened to watch the service of Manmin Central Church via GCN (Global Christian Network) TV and thought to myself "Here is the gospel!" GCN TV's programming is not only for Koreans, but also for all people of all nations, so I believe that Americans should watch it.

Today, it's not easy to spread the gospel in the world. In the United States hardships have sometimes come to us according to change in political flow and groups of atheists that have put pressure on and opposed broadcasting of the Christian message. The NRB is an organization that plays a pivotal role in spreading the gospel in USA through radio, TV, Internet, and literary media. We also work together with several government branches and put efforts into having Christian broadcasters' opinions accepted.

Dr. Lee's holiness gospel that is aired on Sundays is very precious to us. The NRB TV Network thinks the partnership with GCN TV and Dr. Jaerock Lee is very valuable. We love him very much and extend our heartfelt thanks to him.