The Holy Spirit's Unceasing Works Are Proclaimed!_ 'Walk of Faith', a Special Program of Global Christian Network

Dr. Jaerock Lee led many overseas crusades in many countries with the power of God. Wherever God's power was taken, broken hearts were healed and hardened hearts became soft in His love. Many people were healed of many kinds of diseases and various problems were resolved and countless people gained salvation. (Left: The shiny cross shape appeared in the sky when GCN transmitted the very first transmissions for the trial broadcasting from the Empire State Building in the U.S.)

It was 12 A.M. on September 1, 2005. GCN (Global Christian Network) sent the initial transmissions for the trial broadcasting at the opening ceremony before it formally started. The cross-shaped light suddenly appeared in the sky over the Empire State Building!

"It is Amazing! It is the sign of God showing that He is pleased with GCN! It is His sign!" Although ten years have passed since that day, the cross-shaped light God showed in the night sky still remains in the church members' memories.

GCN was established to spread the word of life and the power of God to all people all over the world who are living in this end time full of sins and evil. Since its beginning, GCN has achieved continuous progress and improvement and has grown to cover approximately 170 countries. In December 2014, it launched its channel on Olleh TV and got the channel number 882 through which its various programs are provided for viewers with HD technology.

GCN has cherished God-given vision for the broadcasting ministry and has run only with faith and obedience. The station has experienced God's works of creating something out of nothing so they could provide life-filled and differentiated programs for viewers all over the world.

In addition, GCN has continued to produce new programs including 'Walk of Faith' and 'Reminiscence II', which drew great reviews. The program 'Walk of Faith' started in early August 2015. It gives a good chance for viewers to reminisce the worldwide ministry of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church. He led many overseas crusades only with the obedience of faith and by relying on God. Through the program, viewers can feel the touching moments once again.

From 2000 to 2010, Dr. Lee led overseas crusades in 14 countries: Uganda, Japan, Pakistan, Kenya, the Philippines, Honduras, India, Russia, Germany, Peru, DR Congo, the U.S., Israel, and Estonia.

In particular, Uganda Holy Gospel Crusade 2000 was reported by the world-renowned news channel CNN because so many people in Uganda were healed of their diseases even including AIDS. In Pakistan, the crusade venue's gate was blocked when the government canceled the permission for the crusade. But, it was dramatically re-opened through a man whom God had prepared and the crusade was held successfully.

India United Crusade 2002 was conducted at Marina Beach (first line, below) and attracted a total of approximately three million people. It set the record as the greatest crusade with the most people in attendance. Dr. Lee led a crusade even in Israel, the nation of Judaism. Israel United Crusade 2009 was held in International Convention Center in Jerusalem. In the crusade, he proclaimed that Jesus Christ is our only Savior in the Jewish nation and it was broadcast to around 220 countries.

Dr. Lee showed fiery works of the Holy Spirit by holding crusades in predominately Islamic and Hindu countries and the Jewish country. The work of the Holy spirit also extended into Europe where Christian faith has cooled.

During crusades, there were some people who tried to disturb the crusades, but once Dr. Lee proclaimed about God the Creator and Jesus Christ as our only Savior and performed many healing works through his prayer for the sick, all persecutions and disbelief vanished. This is because the powerful works of God manifested through his prayer proved the authenticity of the Bible and that his sermons are true.

'Walk of Faith' includes Dr. Lee's mission report with the live recording of the crusades. In this way viewers can not only watch the amazing works of God and His providence in them, but they can put them in their hearts.

They will see the walk of faith in which the will of God is put first before the reality of the situation and God was pleased with the faith and showed amazing powerful works. Through this, viewing audiences will learn about true faith. This program will be made in a series of 46 episodes and now is aired at 12 A.M. on Sundays, and also available on GCN's website (, the mobile website (, and on Olleh TV Channel No. 882.