After Ten Years of Marriage I Delivered My Son
Pastor Asif Nazir (Director of Isaac TV, Pakistan)

A wife whose oviduct was blocked,
she could not conceive a baby at all.
She and her husband couldn't come to this church in Korea
because they couldn't get visas.
They sent their picture to Dr. Jaerock Lee
and received his prayer through GCN TV.

I came to know Dr. Jaerock Lee through my elder brother, Asher Nazir, who works for GCN TV (Global Christian Network). In 2000, my brother told me to attend the Dr. Jaerock Lee's Pakistan United Crusade. This crusade was marked as a starting point of the ministry in the Muslim countries. A total of around 300,000 people attended and many of them were converted to Christianity. In addition, God's powerful works took place. After that, I also experienced an amazing power.

My wife and I married in 2001. I had dreamed of a happy life, but I started to feel impatience two years into the marriage when no child had yet been conceived. My wife's check-up result showed that her oviduct was blocked, which meant she was infertile. I was thinking about adoption, but she didn't like the idea. We often had arguments. My wife left for the U.K. to study during the sixth year of our marriage. I felt very lonely without my wife. I felt like happiness had nothing to do with me.

After that, I was touched by Dr. Lee's book, Tasting Eternal Life before Death. I was even asked to translate Dr. Lee's sermon series such 'Love Chapter' and 'The Measure of Faith' into Urdu. During the translation work, I gained abundant spiritual realizations. Above all, I personally witnessed people that were healed by the prayer of handkerchief on which Dr. Lee had prayed (Ref: Acts 19:11-12). I came to have assurance that we too could receive the blessing of conception.

First, I received Dr. Lee's prayer for my wife's return from the U.K. Just as he prayed, she came back in July, 2010. She also received great grace and was spiritually moved by Dr. Lee's sermons and many powerful works manifested through him in the name of Jesus Christ. So we decided to go to Korea to receive his prayer for conception. But unfortunately, we couldn't get a visa. In the end, we sent our photos to Seoul, Korea and received his prayer transcending space and time in November 2010. After that, my wife conceived a baby and delivered a son in November, 2011. Hallelujah!

There is a bit more happy news. Isaac TV (the first Christian satellites TV channel in Pakistan) has broadcast Dr. Lee's overseas crusades and praise programs in English and Urdu for around six or eight hours per day. All the programs have been aired in a rather large number of countries in Asia and the Middle East. In the meantime, I got a phone call from a woman telling me that she had been healed of stomach disease and her mother-in-law of diabetes. A man from Saudi Arabia, a Muslim, also told me he was impressed by the sermons and wanted to convert to Christianity.

Dr. Lee's ministry has worked so greatly that many people are now able to live by the Word of God after having seen the signs, wonders, and powerful works performed by the name of Jesus Christ. I hope I will soon be able to visit and see him in Korea and express my sincere thanks to him personally.