I Wish for European Christians to Recover by the Holiness Gospel

Gulbahar Shindler (Switzerland)

I was watching TBN Russia in November 2011. It was Dr. Jaerock Lee's Word of Life program. All of a sudden, Dr. Lee's face shone. His face shone while things around him remained the same.

From then, I came to enjoy watching his program and I went deeply into his messages. He said, "We should become sanctified, pray fervently, and fast to cast off evil." I had been a Christian for five years, but it was the first time to hear about such things.

I had been seeking God earnestly, and the holiness gospel was just enough to initially satisfy my thirst. I listened to the messages not only on TBN Russia but also on Manmin Central Church's website. I listened to them for ten hours a day.

In the early December in 2011, the Holy Spirit strongly guided my heart while listening to the message. "It just takes 11 hours by plane to go to Korea. There's no reason I can't go there if it means my spiritual growth." In the end of December in 2011, I finally came to Korea and received a lot of grace feeling God's presence in Manmin Central Church. When receiving Dr. Lee's prayer, I was healed of backache that had troubled me for a year.

Back in Switzerland, I started to fast and pray for my sanctification. I discovered untruthful things in my heart. The fight against sins started, but I came to increase in faith by reading Dr. Lee's books including The Message of the Cross, The Measure of Faith, and Hell. In particular, Heaven I&II gave me great joy and gave me earnest hope for New Jerusalem.

On July 8, 2012, I paid the second visit to Manmin Central Church with my son. I stayed for a month and learned how to pray properly in Daniel Prayer Meeting. I realized the specific ways to become sanctified.

In early August, my husband, Yurik Shindler, came to Korea for the Summer Retreat. On August 6, my family went to 2012 Manmin Men's and Women's Missions' Summer Retreat with fluttering hearts. My husband received much grace seeing the wonderfully well-organized events and the members' unification in love during praises. He was also surprised by dragonflies that sat on his body. He said to me, "Now I understand why you've wanted to come to Korea that much. Manmin Central Church is full of the Holy Spirit, and His works take place there. The members pray every day and live according to the Word of God. They are truly amazing."

After meeting Dr. Lee and hearing the holiness gospel, my life was amazingly changed. My husband and I will preach the holiness gospel in Switzerland. I want to awaken the European churches that are in slumber and help them recover their faith with the message of blessings.