"It was an amazing performance. I felt as though I was in Heaven!"

Pastor Daniel Rozen, Israel

I marveled at the church's 32nd Anniversary Celebration Performance. I felt as if I was in Heaven. No word can express what I felt. It was amazing, of contemporary style and just extraordinary. Above all, we could see heavenly letters in it. They looked very similar to Hebrew letters. I became filled with God's love watching the performance prepared for us by Heaven.

"In Manmin God's grace and love are flowing"

Pastor Justin Clarance, Malaysia

I met Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church. It was a great experience. He is a man of God and he obeys God's Word with love for Him. Though he has great power which shows many proofs of the living God, he was still very humble. I witnessed God's grace flowing in his life. I also give thanks to him for his wonderful ministry, WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network). Since it evidences God's miracles, it has inspired many Christian doctors.

"Many people have experienced miracles through the word of life"

Mr. Esteban Handal, President of JBN TV, Honduras

JBN TV airs the messages of churches in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, and Chile as well as Christian news via satellite, cable TV, and the Internet. Dr. Lee's message, in particular, is broadcast for an hour every day and many people have experienced miracles through his program. I give thanks to GCN (Global Christian Network, Board Chairman Dr. Jaerock Lee) that provides the world with such life-filled messages and powerful works.

"Manmin's shepherd and flock are bonded with love. This is the model of a church"

Pastor Donald Lee, USA

Dr. Jaerock Lee values his church members as his own life and with great love. I felt his love was genuine. As a pastor I was very moved and encouraged. I made up my mind to become such a pastor. And the Manmin members are like a family. They look very happy, love one another, and love being together. I think Dr. Lee has taught the love of the Lord that is based on the Bible to the members well. My visit to Muan Sweet Water Site served as momentum to my spiritual growth. It is the spot of the miracle that has caused sea salty water to change into sweet drinkable water. I believe Dr. Lee's prayer and faith have manifested these miracles.

"I came to have grand children through his powerful prayer"

Mr. Rajendran Dhaveethu, President of Word of Christ Ministries, India

I have a publishing house and 18 bookstores in India. I published and have distributed Dr. Lee's book Hell in English all over India. It has attracted great reviews.

My son didn't have a child after marriage, but he visited Manmin Central Church in 2010 and received Dr. Lee's prayer. He then gained a son and a daughter who are adorable. Dr. Lee's message renews people and allows them to live in God's blessing. I found it amazing again that many people from many countries came to celebrate the church's anniversary and praised and worshiped God together transcending nationalities and languages.