Hurricane Irma Died Out by the Powerful Prayer!
  The world is suffering from natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, and floods. Lately, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico and claimed more than 300 people's lives. A man who was rescuing people said, "It's like Sodom and Gomorrah. God must be angry with us."

However, God is love Himself. He would have withdrawn the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah if there had been at least ten righteous people. To share love, He created the first man Adam with care, and He never took delight in the destruction of wicked men and patiently waited for them to repent and return to Him. Even today, He also manifests His deep love for souls by showing the powerful works of controlling the meteorological phenomena.

In early September 2017, the power and love of God was revealed again clearly. Hurricane Irma brought great anxiety to the United States. Just a week prior, in late August, Hurricane Harvey smashed Texas and Louisiana, and though it belonged to a lower category than Irma, Harvey caused over 60 confirmed deaths, and economic losses are estimated approximately at $180 billion. The trauma of Harvey put the US government and the people on edge.

With the strongest Atlantic Hurricane on record, Irma, ahead, prayer requests were sent to Dr. Jaerock Lee from Manmin's missionaries and believers; Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, President of Spiritual Diplomacy; Pastor Mark Bazalev, World Holiness Center; Pastor Vitaliy Fishberg, The Wisdom and Power of God Manmin Church; Pastor Gennadiy Zavaliy ministering to a major church for Russian-speaking people in New York; and many other Russian American pastors in the U.S.

Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for it at 6:45 A.M. on September 8. After his prayer, unlike the forecast saying that it would make landfall in eastern Florida as a category 4 and move northward following the east coast of the US (Figure 1), Hurricane Irma changed its course continuing westward and then moved north and inland. It also weakened to category 3, 2, and 1, and on September 12, it dissipated to a tropical storm (Figure 2).

Figure 1 Before the prayer_At 5 A.M. on September 7

It was forecast that Irma would pass through the Caribbean Sea, and then move northerly paralleling the east coast of Florida.

Figure 2 After the prayer_At 5 P.M. on September 10

Irma moved in an unexpected course more westerly and then inland, and as doing so, it weakened quickly and ended up dying out.

Moreover, it changed its course to move over the more western areas that have the national parks and wet lands with low populations, not the cities with high populations in the east. Thus, there was no great damage. As Dr. Lee prayed, the U.S. averted the great disaster. Thanksgiving letters have been sent to the church by the pastors and believers who were under God's protection through Dr. Lee's prayer (more on page 4).

His Power Protected People from the Hurricane

"A miracle happened by Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer!"

Pastor Mark Bazalev in World Holiness Center Northport, Florida, USA, September 12

Hurricane Irma was extremely powerful. I cannot imagine what would have happened without Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. The city was empty because most of the residents evacuated to other areas. Stores, gas stations, and even Walmart and McDonald all closed.
On Sunday morning of September 10, Irma was forecast to pass through Northport where the World Holiness Center is located. But since Dr. Lee had prayed for us, we believed that the Lord would protect us, so we did not evacuate and stayed in the center.
Many people told us to leave but without any doubt we believed in the power of his prayer. We were assured that a miracle would occur. We had a power outage and had no internet. A cell phone was our only source of communication. Finally, the miracle took place. Irma, which was passing through Naples, Florida, suddenly changed its course and weakened rapidly. Hallelujah!
If Irma had not weakened and had continued in the forecast course, our World Holiness Center couldn't have avoided great damage. After Dr. Lee prayed, God worked; without considering his prayer, there was no possible explanation for this miracle."

"The believers and their family members in Florida are all safe!"

Pastor James Sim, New York International Manmin Church New York, USA, September 12

On September 4, I received a phone call from Deaconess Donovon Pinnock of my church. Her relatives live in Florida. She said that Hurricane Irma was coming to Florida and it would be much more powerful than Harvey that had stricken Houston, Texas in late August. She asked me to send a prayer request to Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee. On September 6, I sent the prayer request to the central church for the members in Florida.
Many news media stations reported that Hurricane Irma had upgraded to Category 5 and smashed the Caribbean islands with wind gusts at 250 miles per hour. Florida officials warned the 6.5 million Floridians and placed them under mandatory evacuation orders. People picked store shelves clean, and the roads were clogged with endless rows of traffic.
After Dr. Lee prayed, Irma's track forecast was changed to pass overland through the center of Florida contrary to previous predictions that said it would parallel the eastern coast of the state. Later, it said Irma would go to the west of Florida. However, after the hurricane passed Cuba, it suddenly weakened, turned northward and made landfall in Florida as a Category 2 storm. It continued weakening to Category 1 and changed into a tropical storm. The damage was minor and a lot less than had been expected. Sister Valentina Golovina, my church member's relative, lives in the western area of Northport in Florida. She said not a single tree had been damaged around her house. She testified with joy, saying, "Irma passed through the whole town but it is just clean and dry now!"

"Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer saved many cities and churches!"

Pastor Vitaliy Fishberg, The Wisdom and Power of God Manmin Church New York, USA on September 13

In the early morning of September 4, some pastors called me and said, "A really great and extremely powerful hurricane is approaching Florida, and it is forecast to pass through New York!" The highest category Hurricane Irma put pastors in great trepidation.
On September 6, I asked for Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer at the requests of Russian-speaking pastors in New York. Afterwards, my wife Olessya and I could feel peaceful because we believed no hurricane could stand against the shepherd's power.
It was forecast that Irma would make landfall in Florida by Sunday morning, so people in my area were busy preparing emergency food since Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, and long lines formed at gas pumps. They were scared and left their homes. However, Irma changed course toward the west of Florida while it was tracking through the Caribbean Sea causing extreme damage, and it ended up not causing the predicted damage to eastern U.S. areas. Hallelujah!
Although there are many prominent pastors in Texas and Florida, there is no pastor but the Senior Pastor whose prayers have saved so many cities and churches.

"After Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer, we were protected!"

A family of Luis, Jessica, and Genesis Estela In Miami, Florida, USA on September 14

On September 6, Hurricane Irma was going north-eastwards toward Hialeah in Miami-Dade County, Florida where we live.
The hurricane had already battered the Caribbean islands and caused many deaths and a huge economic loss, and it was moving northerly toward the center of Florida and its east coast with torrents of rain and winds of 105 miles per hour. We live in the north-eastern part of Miami and it is a city with high population in Florida.
We heard the forecast saying that the hurricane would bring catastrophic disaster and we sent our prayer request to Dr. Jaerock Lee. After the Senior Pastor's prayer, the hurricane that was forecast to hit Miami- Dade County directly changed. The forecast track was also changed to parallel Florida's western coastal area instead of the East Coast of the U.S. After we heard this news, we stayed at home without leaving. On the night of September 9, it was announced that Miami-Dade County came out of the threat of a direct hit by Irma. Hallelujah!