I Came to Have My Son in My Arms Thanks to the Prayer of Dr. Jaerock Lee
Sergey Velbovets (President of In Victory Media Group)

I am a president of In Victory Media Group, which is a leading Christian portal site in Russian speaking areas. We have borne abundant fruit in Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer.

In December of 2011, my family experienced God's amazing power. My wife was nine months pregnant, but strange symptom occurred with her. The fetus in her womb that had been moving stopped moving for a few days. We were so apprehensive and surprised. We talked to her doctor on the phone first, but it was not a good sign. But I earnestly prayed believing God who can revive the dead.

I sent a prayer request to Jaerock Lee, who is the powerful servant of the Lord in Seoul, and asked him to pray for us. It was Friday, December 16 in 2011. After his prayer, an amazing thing happened. The fetus started to move again.

On December 27, my wife finally delivered a healthy baby, our second son. He was absolutely normal in health as the result of newborn screening showed. My wife said she had felt peaceful in the presence of God during the delivery.

I too am thankful that I can listen to the holiness gospel that never compromises with the world. Nowadays, many pastors preach a message that is good to hear for the church members rather than the message that pleases God. But Dr. Lee points out the sins God hates through the messages and puts an emphasis on having to become God's true children who live according to the Word of God. I believe that is why God has manifested many signs, wonders, and powerful works through him.

Many pastors and servants of God want to visit Manmin Central Church. I am very honored to work together with Dr. Lee who shows people that God is alive.