The 35th Anniversary of Manmin Central Church Was Full of Love and Power, and Attended by People from 23 Countries

At 3 P.M. on October 8, 2017, Manmin Central Church had its 35th anniversary service and celebration performance. The events rendered on the special stage of the main sanctuary were broadcast live by GCN and the Internet.

The events were attended by a host of overseas guests from 23 countries including the U.S., Germany, Israel, and Argentina and people from local political and educational fields, and Christian media as well. For them, the simultaneous interpretation service was offered in nine languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Arabic languages.

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee preached the message entitled "Father's Heart" taken from 1 John 1:5. Through the message, he gave all thanks and glory to God who manifested His love, goodness, and powerful works in the church for the last 35 years.

After the anniversary service, the celebration performance followed with the title of "New Jerusalem". In the performance the life in New Jerusalem was depicted such as people dancing elegant waltz on the seashore of gold and silver sand and enjoying water sports on the shiny sea through video presentations and fantastic performances.

Pastor Francisco Lorite Exposito of Maranatha Revival Church in Spain said, "All songs and performances transcended things of this world. It feels like God was there in the performance and breathed His breath into all songs and dances."

Pastor Andrey Vatulin of Revelation Church in Valmiera, Latvia said, "I felt the Holy Spirit's presence very strongly and the love of God deeply in the performance."

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Executive General Director of Helping Hands Coalition stated, "Manmin's history is clear evidence that God can accomplish so many things for 35 years on the earth. Manmin will grow even more amazingly year by year, and I am sure I will see the growth."

Bishop Buligo Nanyama Anselme of DR Congo said, "The Bible says without the sanctification no one will see the Lord. The holiness gospel is a message that God is giving to people of this generation. I heartily give thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee for delivering the word of life and leading us to become true Christians."

In the church's front yard, outdoor photo booths were set up with the theme 'Heavenly Flower Street,' and many different kinds of foods and snacks were provided. The church members and guests all enjoyed themselves while they were there.

During the Celebration Eve Service offered on October 6, Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, President of Spiritual Diplomacy from USA expressed his thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee for protecting many people from Hurricane Irma by his prayer. After the service, the eve celebration performance entitled "Manmin" was shown in a form of music documentary. It described the powerful works that were manifested for 35 years and the Manmin members who are borne as God's fruit through songs, dances, and video presentations.

The guests from overseas countries also visited Muan Sweet Water Site on October 9 where the water from the sea changed into sweet drinkable water by Dr. Lee's prayer.