'The Message of the Cross', The message of life that awakens souls all over the world

Dr. Jaerock Lee, the world revivalist in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA.
He guided innumerable people to the arms of the Lord by preaching about the reason why Jesus is our only Savior and healing them with God's power.

Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon series "The Message of the Cross" clearly addresses God's great love, His justice and the providence embedded in the human salvation including the explanation on the question 'Why is Jesus Christ our only Savior?' as written in 1 Corinthians 1:18 and 2:6-10.

Understanding the reason why God placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil leads to realization of the deep love of God who wants to gain true children. In the providence of the cross that was hidden before the ages, you will also experience the love with which God saved us by giving His only begotten Son as an atoning sacrifice.

As explained above, 'The Message of the Cross' shows the great love of God and that Jesus Christ is the way of salvation. Every reader will gain the encouragement to lead a proper Christian life through the message.

'The Message of the Cross' awakens souls all around the world and guides them to the way of blessings and answers in various platforms: a book; the GCN TV sermon program that is broadcast in more than 170 countries (See www.gcntv.org); a sermon section on Manmin Central Church's website www.manmin.org; and the training program of Manmin International Seminary and Manmin Missionary Training Center.

In particular, the book The Message of the Cross has been translated into 40 languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese. The books are published by Urim Books and 11 foreign publishers around the world. Now, it is being translated and edited into 27 languages such as Punjabi and Armenian. Its e-book is also available through Amazon.com and iBookstore.com that are the world leading online book stores.

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"After realizing the core of the gospel, I gained confidence"

Evangelist Serge Jacoby (Chukurei Ministry, Belgium)

In May, 2010, I was given Dr. Jaerock Lee's book The Message of the Cross by Missionary Christina Roh who is ministering to Hainaut Manmin Church in Belgium. The book demonstrates the providence of the Lord's cross that is the essence of the gospel.

I felt the existence of the Holy Spirit when reading the deep spiritual message. By this, everything changes: my ways of thinking, my point of view, my faith, and so on. Moreover, it allowed for me to gain greater confidence in conducting my ministry.

The great love of God came to me, and it dawned on me that to achieve the heart of the Lord is a priority in a Christian life. In March 2011, I was given an opportunity to receive the handkerchief prayer during Pastor Heesun Lee's Handkerchief Healing Meeting conducted in Brussels Manmin Church. Surprisingly, my vision was improved through the prayer. I was able to read very small letters without my eye glasses. I extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Lee who taught me the love of God and the Lord in the providence of the cross.

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"This is an amazing message that changes men's hearts"

Sister Cynthia McMillan (Sydney, Australia)

I am a science teacher in a Catholic school. In 2008, I was given Dr. Jaerock Lee's book The Message of the Cross by my friend. I couldn't stop reading it because the things that I had been curious about during my Christian life were all explained in the book.

In particular, I was touched by the great works of God who created all men and animals with the same structure. All of them have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, etc. Now, during my classes, I can explain about the greatness of God the Creator and about the universe and the solar system in an easier way with the full assurance. They even ask me to talk about God more.

What's more amazing is that Dr. Lee's books change men's hearts. Whoever listens to the message could realize the amazing providence of God, feel grateful for the love of the Lord, live according to the Word, and come to lead a true Christian life. I give all thanks and glory to God who blessed me to have true faith.