I Will Never Forget the Power, the Word, and the Praise! I'd Like to Spread Them to Many Souls in Bulgaria.

Profile : Chairman of Bulgarian Christian Medical Association General practitioner in a medical diagnostic center in Sofia Medical consultant and presenter of a Health TV Journal in one of the Bulgarian National Televisions "EUROPE", Won the Award "General Practitioner of the Year" – Bulgaria 2007
Lectured in WCDN Bulgaria Conference in April, 2012

I am a General Practitioner, working in a group practice in "HEMA 18"– Medical Center in Sofia, Bulgaria. My family accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior through my father who had finished Spiritual Priest School in Bulgaria and later, during pursuit of his PhD training in Germany, he became born again as a Christian. That is how our life of faith began. Before 1989 we were persecuted and under surveillance of our government. Despite it, however, we distributed Bibles and many Christian books. We also dubbed several Christian movies and made them available to Christians.

Giving my devotion to the Lord as a Christian

My mother was a physician and my father was a professor of parasitology. That is why I wondered about my future after graduating high school. I was at a crossroads–should I continue with medicine or go into computer science. I began to pray about this matter and then the Lord answered my prayers that I should become a medical doctor like my parents.

Before taking the entrance exam for medical school, God blessed me to experience something special. In a dream He guided me to know the exam questions! Thanks to the Lord's help, I was able to enter Sofia Medical University with good grades and after only 6 years I graduated from the school as the youngest doctor ever in the history of the University. It was in November 1996.

I have lived my life up to now b-y devoting myself joyfully b-y thinking seriously about what I could do as a Christian doctor. As the president of Bulgarian Christian Medical Association, I have been leading a seminar about abortion, stem cells, cloning, euthanasia and the subjects of creationism and evolution. Together with my wife, I've also led a Bible study group and consultations concerning family matters. I have been supporting Bible distribution to our national hospitals and governmental institutions like the police station, schools, fire departments, and local governing bodies.

The greatest thing that we did was the Bible project. We distributed more than 3 million Bibles and Christian books for children. Currently, Bulgaria is the only country that is allowed to teach Christianity among countries belonging to EU.

I have met WCDN ministry

When I was little, I had suffered from severe hepatitis B. At that time, I was healed b-y the prayer of my parents together with church members. Many people today say that there are no miracles. Unfortunately, many doctors who know very well about the mysteries of our human body do not believe in God.

On June 11, 2011, I heard about WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) ministry from Dr. Lyubka Tancheva who attended its 8th International Christian Medical Conference held in Australia that dealt with "Spirituality and Medicine". WCDN is doing a ministry which consists of medical doctors and medical professionals. They are proving that God is alive and are acknowledging the divine healing work of God b-y providing medical data that confirms that the healing is done b-y God. I am absolutely certain that this ministry is for the glory of God.

And May 15 and 16, 2012, I attended the 9th International Christian Medical Conference held in Kenya and I was so thrilled and moved so much. It was such a blessing for me.

I have come to listen to the spiritual messages of Dr. Jaerock Lee

After that I could meet our sincere brothers and sisters who are attending Manmin Central Church where Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder of WCDN, is pastoring. I could feel purity and sincerity from their heart that we Christians should have. They have introduced a vision of Dr. Jaerock Lee and Manmin Central Church where many souls are saved.

After that, despite such a busy work schedule, I have listened to some messages of Dr. Jaerock Lee, "The Lecture on Genesis" and "The Measure of Faith". I came to realize the spiritual world and also the simply "believing" is not even half of being saved! We must come to resemble of the life of the Lord as well. His message is quite easy to understand but it is also very deep and spiritual.

One book, in particular, The Message of the Cross, led us to realize the providence of human cultivation and the reason why Jesus Christ came to this earth. I can also say it is an essential book for us to grow in our spiritual faith. In addition, I have watched many GCN TV programs (www.gcntv.org) through the TBN Russia channel and I come to be fascinated b-y the Spirit-filled praises and performances given b-y Performing Arts Committee of Manmin Central Church.

I have come to have a vision for the kingdom of God

I wanted to visit Manmin Central Church and God blessed me to go to Korea and visit Manmin Central Church during the 30th Anniversary in early October, 2012. During our stay, I could see many church members were praying fervently every night and all the church organizations and departments were established systematically.

When I saw Dr. Jaerock Lee face to face, I could feel that he is so humble and pure and also feel his great spiritual power and authority. I could see he is a man of prayer.

I was also deeply touched b-y all the performances and how God was with them in their praise and worship. The dance and worship teams were fantastic! Even my wife, who is a lecturer for an arts school, confessed that it was such a professional performance. I think that the church can grow greatly because there is a great leader based on Jesus Christ and also great devotion of church members.

I pray that b-y the will of God, Bulgaria will become a center for WCDN on the Balkan Peninsula. I'd like to proclaim the power of God to many churches in Bulgaria and the gospel of Jesus Christ and Manmin Praises as well. I give glory to God who is using me and leading me for His glory.












WCDN Korea Headquarters Staff, Dr. Kiril Dechkov Svilenov and wife, and Pastor Ivan Hazarbassanov and wife Gabriela Hazarbassanova


















His visit to Muan Sweet Water Site where God's power unfolded (Muan, Jeonnam Province)