The Love of the Lord towards Pakistani and Sri Lankan Souls

Pastor Taesik Gil (Daejeon Manmin Church, South Korea)

Pastor Taesik Gil, who had earned doctoral degrees in Pedagogy and Ministry, received the 2012 Certificate of Merit in recognition of his overseas ministry that has been carried out for more than ten years. He glorified God by leading countless souls to salvation through the explosive and powerful works of the Spirit wherever he visited with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12).

Dr. Jaerock Lee's 2000 Pakistan United Crusade

"˘®¦Until the seed of the gospel is sown in Pakistan, an Islamic Republic, and is borne as abundant fruit˘®¦"

In October, 2000, the 'Pakistan United Crusade' with Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church was conducted in Lahore, Pakistan, which is an Islamic Republic. People were healed of every kind of disease and evil spirits went out from a person who had been demon-possessed for 23 years. Additionally, countless powerful works unfolded. Also, it was proclaimed that Jesus Christ is the only and true Savior of mankind, which brought many people to be converted to Christianity. The crusade was acknowledged as an unprecedented interdenominational and large-scale Christian event in a Muslim country.

While I was watching the crusade, my heart was burning with enthusiasm. 'I should help to harvest the fruit of the seeds of the gospel that Dr. Lee has sown. How should I plant God's will in the hearts of the souls? What should I do to lead more souls to the Father as the fruit of New Jerusalem?' I imprinted the heart of Dr. Lee who desires to bear abundant fruit lest the Lord's sacrifice and ministry of salvation be fruitless.

I visited Pakistan 14 times and led Pastors' Seminars and Miracle Healing Crusades in 12 areas including Karachi, Islamabad, and Azad Kashmir. Since 2010, I have expanded ministerial areas to Sri Lanka and actively performed the ministry.

I give thanks to God who protected us every moment with eyes like a flame of fire

The living God protected us during our mission trip in the dangerous areas in Pakistan and blessed us to glorify Him.

On November 26, 2008, I stopped at a Thai Airport on the way to Pakistan. The following day, on Nov. 27, the Thai Airport closed due to the anti-government demonstration held in Thailand. If I had arrived at the Thai Airport a day later it would have caused delay in the Pakistani ministry!

In April, 2009, I left Pakistan at dawn after I had finished all my mission schedules. Later, I heard the news that a war against Taliban had been declared in Pakistan in the morning on the day when I left the country. I gave thanks and glory to God.

In this way, the Pakistani ministry was a series of tensions because of constant terrorist acts by Taliban forces, but I could feel God's guidance.

In May, 2011, it happened when I arrived at Bangkok after the Pakistani ministry. I heard that the threat level caused by terrorism was raised because of the death of Osama bin Laden, founder and leader of al-Qaeda. But it was already after we finished a Christian crusade where around 15,000 people attended in Pakistan. All of these are the grace of God.

In 2012, I conducted crusades in Hyderabad, Pakistan and moved to Karachi. In the evening when I arrived in Karachi, I was told that a demonstration was being held in Hyderabad because a politician of a major party of Pakistan had been killed. It caused all traffic in the city to be paralyzed and stores to be closed. It was reported on TV that over 40 buses were burned. If this incident had happened only a day before, I couldn't have conducted the crusade in Hyderabad.

I give glory to God who allowed for about 400 branch and associate churches in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

For now, there are about 330 branch and associate churches of Manmin in Pakistan. In Sri Lanka, more than 70 churches registered as our branch and associate churches while I was performing the ministry in seven cities of Sri Lanka through five mission trips. In addition, the ministry is being achieved via various methods such as GCN TV, Dr. Jaerock Lee's books, Manmin News in Urdu language, and MIS (Manmin International Seminary) lectures.

In particular, GCN TV programs that contain the holiness gospel and the powerful works are broadcast via Isaac TV (President: Pastor Anwar Fazzal). Dr. Lee's six messages are broadcast each day; three times in English and three times in Urdu language. The Performing Arts Committee's performances of Manmin are also aired. Isaac TV has partnership with 253 cable TV stations through which GCN's programs are spread in 73 areas. People in the whole area of Sindh Province that includes 26 major cities, such as Karachi, listen to the holiness gospel via cable TV. Also, GCN TV is broadcast more than eight hours a day in the Middle East.

Now, during this time many Pakistani souls in spiritual slumber were awakened and from now on, I want to help them grow up in faith and take hold of the better dwelling places in Heaven. I give all thanks and glory to God the Trinity.