Works of God's Power Were Verified Again _ In The 14th WCDN Russia International Christian Medical Conference

From October 20 and 21 in 2017, the 14th WCDN Russia International Conference was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. World Christian Doctors Network is made up of Christian doctors from all around the world who serve the same purpose—proving the power of God based on medical data.

The conference brought together approximately 400 doctors and medical professionals from thirteen countries including Russia, Korea, Poland, Spain, Israel, Belarus, and Bulgaria (Photos 2, 6, and 9), and each session was interpreted in English and Russian. The event kicked off with the local praise singer team's worship and praise. Each participating country was introduced, and welcome messages were delivered by Dr. Oleg Ostreiko, Chairman of Organizing Committee and Dr. Gilbert Chae, President of WCDN. The ministry of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder and Board Chairman of WCDN was shown through a DVD presentation. It was followed by the first case presentation by Mrs. Elena Litvina of Russia who is a nurse and the Manager of the Organizing Committee. She demonstrated her own healing case of serious knee arthritis through the prayer of Dr. Lee (See her case on page 3).

Dr. Oleg Ostreiko, Chairman of Organizing Committee, reported the healing case of a brain tumor; then Dr. Luiza Muratova, WCDN Russia Director, a case of tuberculosis; Dr. Kyril Svilelov, Bulgaria, of strabismus; and Dr. Joonsung Kim, Korea, of complex fracture. Dr. Gilbert Chae, President of WCDN, gave lectures on the root of diseases and the flood of Noah. Dr. David Eu from Singapore, presented a lecture on Muan Sweet Water (Exodus 15:25). Dr. Nikolai Iunchis, Vice Chairman of Organizing Committee testified to his visit to Muan Sweet Water Site where the salty water from the sea changed into sweet drinkable water by Dr. Lee's prayer. A host of doctors tasted the Muan Sweet Water and took it home with longing hearts for its use (photos 3 and 5).

On the second day, Dr. Vitaliy Fishberg gave a special lecture titled 'Heaven', and presentations by Dr. Vahe Buniatyan and Dr. Gilbert Chae were delivered on a case of healing of blindness and of appendicitis respectively (See page 4 for more details). Then, WCDN Poland Conference 2018 Organizing Committee members greeted on the stage and promised to meet again the next year (photo 8). The whole conference was wrapped up with the ceremony of conferring the appreciation plaque for Dr. Jaerock Lee (photo 4).

A presentation of particular noteworthiness in this conference was a special lecture on "The Root of Diseases" taken from Dr. Lee's book God the Healer. A myriad of questions followed the lecture such as those on how to keep the Sabbath properly and the relation between fear and diseases. Their fervor found in questions proved their spiritual thirst.

In addition, a video was shown concerning Noah's Flood that was produced based on Dr. Lee's Lectures on Genesis. The participants were very impressed and said that the explanation is very biblical and spiritual. They even asked for the video so that they can show it to people in their churches and hospitals.

Dr. Oleg Ostreiko, Chairman of Organizing Committee, said, "We Russian doctors needed to understand the cause of diseases and spiritual healing. The lectures were a lot of help to us. Many doctors expressed their gratefulness for the messages." A Muslim doctor stated, "The powerful work of God was amazing! I came to realize the new spiritual world that I had never known!"

In the conference, Sound of Light Chorus from Performing Arts Committee of Manmin Central Church praised in the local language and danced traditional Russian dances. Their inspirational performance increased the grace and emotion of this conference (photo 1). At the entrance of the hall, Dr. Lee's books were displayed and drew many participants' attention. They showed their spiritual longing for the spiritual messages (photo 7). The news on this conference was reported several times by TBN Russia, the leading Christian TV in Russia.