Latest News
  Concern Worldwide Responds To Haiti Cholera Outbreak
  Hundreds of Bibles Have Been Burned By the Iranian Government Security
  Momentum Grows behind Calls for a UN Commission of Inquiry to Investigate
  Launch of Major UK Campaign: 'Not Ashamed'
  Continued Ban on Converting Others Proposed in Nepal
  Discovery of Herod's 'Royal Box' Uncovered at Herodium in Israel Reveals
  Every Month in Europe Many Iranians Are Becoming Christians and Are Being Baptized
  Indonesian Muslims Call for Halt to 'Christianization'
  NRB President/CEO Dr. Frank Wright Visits Manmin TV and Manmin Central Church
  Ushering in the Dawn of the Gospel in Kazakhstan
  Manmin TV Attends NRB Convention & Exposition
  The 2009 Israel United Crusade with Dr. Jaerock Lee Broadcast on Miracle
  Record Tourism to the Holy Land This Year
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