GCN Broadcasting Ministry Created Out of Nothing_Good and Happy Frequencies Renew Viewers' Lives

GCN's life-filled programs spread the light on viewers' souls and spread God the Creator and Jesus Christ to over 170 countries. (Photo, upper, the cross-shaped light that appeared over Empire State Building on the first day of broadcasting in New York City, USA; middle, from left, Dr. Jaerock Lee's Uganda Holy Gospel Crusade reported by CNN (Cable News Network); GCN's founding and opening ceremony; Israel United Crusade; bottom, NRB International Christian Media Convention.

GCN (President: Elder Boaz J. Lee) participated in the annual NRB International Christian Media Convention again this year, 2015, as always. The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) was established to protect the rights and interest of Christian broadcasters and annually holds the convention so that they can exchange technologies and programs and build up fellowship with other Christian broadcasters.

In 2015, the convention was held in Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, TN, USA from February 23 to 26. GCN (www.gcntv.org) exhibited its various contents and producing technologies, had good fellowship with NRB leaders and influential Christian broadcasters, and signed partnership with eight organizations of five countries.

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee is GCN's Founder & Board Chairman, and from the church opening, he believed broadcasting ministry an effective way to spread the gospel and God's powerful works. He prayed for it, and finally on January 1 in 2000, when a new millennium opened, he started Manmin TV (currently GCN).

Elder Johnny J. Kim, Director of GCN heard about the NRB Convention and in February 2000 he took part in the exhibition. There he found unlimited possibilities for the broadcasting ministry's development and met people who would cooperate with GCN.

At the NRB Convention, members of GCN met many people and made connections with people who would help publicize Dr. Jaerock Lee's overseas crusades and they succeeded in publicizing the crusades throughout the world. From July 2000, GCN broadcasted Dr. Lee's overseas crusades live and thereby extended the experience to many people who could not attend in person, the same grace and powerful works via TV screens. In particular, the Uganda Holy Gospel Crusade 2000 was reported by CNN and the Russia United Crusade 2003 was aired via TBN Russia, which made Manmin TV known to the world.

In 2004, many leaders of Christian broadcasters in the world visited Manmin Central Church and with them GCN (Global Christian Network) was set. In 2005, GCN established a local corporation and started to air the programs as a public TV channel in New York from the transmitter in Empire State Building in New York City.

Afterwards, by broadcasting crusades through satellite and the internet, GCN played an important role in Dr. Jaerock Lee's crusades in DR Congo, New York of the U.S., Israel, and Estonia. In September 2009, especially, the Israel United Crusade held in the International Convention Center, Jerusalem was aired in more than 220 countries through 33 broadcasters.

Pastor Heejin Lee was appointed as General Director in October 2013. Since then they have consolidated the spiritual organizational power and the unity with love. Moreover, they started to produce new programs with God-given contents and made a new start in the viewers' great love and interests. GCN's differentiated programs have created a positive sensation and brought change and life to viewers in the world.

A broadcaster of TBN Russia (President: Pastor Igor Nikitin) said, "TBN Russia's viewers send thousands of testimonies and thanksgiving letters every month, and we heard about their touching stories about their experiences of God's works through Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick, his words of life, and the powerful works manifested." In addition, Enlace TV, covering Latin America, has received thanks letters from people who were healed and blessed through GCN's programs, and many of them have registered in Manmin's branch churches in Latin America or as Manmin Central Church's members.

GCN is now broadcasting its programs and the church's worship services in more than 170 countries through partnerships with many leading broadcasters of the world. So the church's overseas branch churches can join the central church's worship services through live broadcasting (or some with a recorded broadcast due to time differences). By doing so, they ride on the same flow of spirit with the central church.

GCN will continue to clearly show the Bible's authenticity and the living God to people who are living in this end time and thereby fulfill the Lord's great commission magnificently.