Great Sermons which Move Spanish-speaking Souls Changed My Life
  Elder Aldo Enrico Guido-Spano Amoretti (Peru Manmin Church)

"In December 2004, Dr. Jaerock Lee's Peru Healing Crusade was conducted in Lima, the capital city of Peru. The crusade planted the seeds of the holiness gospel in Peru. Currently its abundant fruit has been borne with Peru Manmin Church at the center and through Enlace TV programs."

I wasted money in wild living and enjoyed alcohol when I worked as a diplomat. I resigned in 1992. Three years later I accepted the Lord, but there was no noticeable change in my life.

In the meantime, I attended Peru Healing Crusade conducted by Dr. Jaerock Lee

One day amazing changes came upon me. I happened to do translation works for people from an Eastern country and heard about the ministry of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church from them. As it turned out, they were church workers who were on the mission trip who had come all the way to Peru.

In December, 2004, Dr. Jaerock Lee's Peru Healing Crusade was conducted in Lima, the capital city of Peru. I experienced eye-opening things. I witnessed countless people receive healing of many kinds of diseases including AIDS and cancer and saw the lame throw away wheelchairs and walking canes, walk, and jump.

I came to have true faith through the holiness gospel

From that time on I began translating the sermons of Pastor Lazarus J. Lee who ministers to Peru Manmin Church as a missionary of Manmin Central Church. His message carried spiritually deep meanings. He said he learned all the messages he had been preaching from Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church. My family members and I listened to the messages every week and started to lead thoroughly changed lives.

Our spiritual faith increased quickly through the messages about human cultivation, measures of faith, sanctification, the different meanings between 'Jesus' and 'Jesus Christ', and the secret hidden before the time began.

We eventually came to have true faith accompanied with deeds. I realized I had stored the Word of God just as knowledge.

I received the blessing of being able to participate in the publication and broadcast ministries

At about that same time I began to translate Dr. Lee's books The Message of the Cross and The Measure of Faith into Spanish. What's more amazing was that I participated in the dubbing of Dr. Lee's sermons aired on Enlace TV which is the leading Christian TV in Latin America. I have now translated around 500 sessions of his sermons and I have also done the dubbing of them.

I believe what I am doing is very important to spread the holiness gospel to every corner of the earth.

Now Dr. Lee's sermons have been spread throughout the Latin countries and to Spanish-speaking people around the world. In the U.S. the sermons are also being spread to Spanish-speaking people, the minority population with the largest portion in the US.

I have received amazingly abundant blessings since I translated Dr. Lee's sermons. My life came to be prosperous, and my goal has also changed.

I was eager to deliver the correct will of God included in the sermons and to express Dr. Lee's love for souls well. I tried hard to do so and then my voice changed into a soft voice. Although I couldn't understand the Korean language, God helped me feel Dr. Lee's heart. By doing so, I could grasp the Word of God more deeply and realize His heart and will.

My family is blessed to work faithfully for God's kingdom with hope for New Jerusalem

Recently, a member living in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, made a visit to Peru Manmin Church. Since he received a lot of grace, he came all the way to Peru at his own expense. He said he had never listened to this kind of pure gospel and expressed his thanks for letting him have true faith through the messages. It is truly a blessing that we can learn the Word of God correctly and lead happy Christian lives.

I am now seeing the heavenly rewards. Above all, I want to become sanctified and lead a diligent Christian life to reach the best dwelling place of all, New Jerusalem. I became an elder and worked as the head of Finance Department and Planning Department of the church as well as a translator of Dr. Lee's sermons.

My wife also has performed the duty of District Leader and Deaconess and worked faithfully.

I give all thanks and glory to Father God who let me know the love of God and the Lord and allowed for me to meet the guide who leads the way to New Jerusalem, Dr. Jaerock Lee.