Latest News
  D.R. Congo Pastors' Seminar and Crusade
  Rev. Jaerock Lee's Books in 47 Languages Popular in North America
  2019 Crystal Music Festival Israel
  Church Providing Support for Dental Care
  Invitation to the Lord's Comfort
  The Gospel of Jesus Christ Preached with Signs_ Pastors' Seminar and Handkerchief Meetings in UAE, Egypt
  Manmin's Ministry is Amazing! - 120 Indonesian Pastors Visited Our Churc
  'One Manmin in the Lord' One_ Peru, Colombia Anniversary Service & Meetings in North America
  Love of Cross, Faith of Resurrection!_ 2019 Easter Performance, Unforgettable Love
  Glory and Honor to Lord of Resurrection!_Easter Service and Holy Communion
  Special Prayer Meeting with Pastor Soojin Lee
  Engraving the Love of Cross In Our Heart
  Comfort, Peace, and Divine Healing!_ Missionary Trip to Venezuela Added 116 Associative Churches
  Special Praises Offered up to the Lord God
  I Met the Lord Through Sermons on YouTube_ Words of Life and Powerful Works Live on the Internet
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