Powerful Works All Over the World Through Special Divine Healing Sessions
Special divine healing sessions are held in the last Friday all-night service of each month. Pastor Soojin Lee prays with the handkerchief on which our Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12).
Many participants in Korea and overseas on GCN TV and Internet broadcast like YouTube receive divine healing and give glory to God.
Here are some of the testimonies from other countries.

"My sister was demon-possessed, but she is now normal!

Brother Sandeep (Age 18, Gorakhpur, India)

My sister, Anita, had been demon-possessed for the past year. She would curse and scream at family members and throw tantrums.
I invited Hindu priests to perform exorcism and I did everything they said. They said she was going to be OK but she didn't get better. She'd say unspeakable things to the family members. She tried to commit suicide and we had to tie her up. In January 2018, my uncle introduced Jesus Christ and GCN TV Hindi channel on YouTube. I got Pastor John Kim's number and whenever my sister had an episode, I called him to receive handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12) that calmed her down.
Since then, my family listened to Rev. Jaerock Lee's sermon series 'Message of the Cross' and the 'Ten Commandments' on GCN TV Hindi channel. We repented of our idolatry and other sins. In January 2019 we, along with our neighbors, attended the live broadcast of Friday all-night service of Manmin Central Church on YouTube. Seeing some of my neighbors getting healed there, I was also convinced that my sister could be healed, too. We listened to the sermons and prayed so that she could be healed in the special divine healing session in February.
On Feb. 22, when receiving the prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee with the handkerchief in the healing session, my sister repented with tears and received the fire of the Holy Spirit. The demon left her, and she is now perfectly normal. Hallelujah!

"Ringing in the ear gone, I can hear well now!"

Yency Garcia (Age 30, Sonsonate, El Salvador)

In Dec. 2018, I caught a cold and had fever. I had excruciating pain in my ear. Since then, I began to lose hearing in my left ear. I even had ringing noise in it. I repented of resentment and hatred in my heart and tried to cast them away through prayers. In the special healing session in January, the pain and ringing in my left ear were gone, and I came to hear well.

"My visual acuity improved and I can see clearly!"

Catalina Corredor (Age 21, Bogota Colombia)

From 2018, due to near-sightedness I couldn't see the letters on the blackboard. I couldn't recognize my friends who were greeting me from a distance.
In the last Friday all-night service of January, I repented of my arrogance. Since I received the prayer in the divine healing session I have been able to clearly see the letters on the blackboard and recognize people's faces from a distance.

"Paralyzed left eyelid became normal!"

Tang Boon Leong (Age 37, Penang, Malaysia)

For about 5-6 months, I had paralysis in my left eyelid. I couldn't open my left eye at all. Doctors said it was a brain malfunction.
No medicine worked and the situation required surgery. However, this past January, I attended the special healing session and received the prayer. The next day, to my amazement, I could open my left eye!

"I can hear now. I can hear the honking of cars!"

Kittipong Wisalchai (Age 35, Bangkok, Thailand

I have been deaf-and-mute since birth, and I was attending Friday all-night service of Manmin Central Church on a web video conferencing site.
I received the prayer for the sick in the divine healing session this past January, and the hearing in my left ear came back. I could hear the honking of car horns. What's more, the pain in my left foot that I had for 1 year also disappeared!

"A 7-year long blocked lachrymal gland is healed!"

Jihye Saito (Age 61, Yamagata, Japan)

Something was wrong with my right eye since about 7 years ago. The doctor said my lachrymal gland was blocked. Tears could be shed but not normally, and there was no cure.
However, when I received prayer for the sick in the healing session in January, I felt coolness in my eye. Tears began to run, and after I received the prayer in February, it was completely healed!