Traumatic Cerebral Hemorrhage Disappeared!
Shinkyung Huh (Age 43, 8th Parish)

On Dec. 25, 2018, I was getting off the bus when my heel got stuck in the steps. I fell onto the sidewalk and hit my head. I lost consciousness for a moment.

I was taken to the ER and they took X-ray and CT pictures. While I was waiting for the results, I received the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick on the telephone automated response system. Then my nervousness disappeared and I became calm.

The result showed suspicion of hemorrhage, so the doctor suggested admission for further exams. The MRI picture showed subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hemorrhage. The doctor said it'd take 6 weeks to heal. God protected me to the extent that I wouldn't need a surgery, but the doctor said there could be many complications because my brain was injured.

I couldn't walk straight and I was nauseous. However, I repented of impatience and other kinds of fleshly thoughts, and then I received the handkerchief prayers from the pastors who came to visit me in the hospital (Acts 19:11-12). Then, my nausea disappeared and I could eat much more easily.

The doctor said I had to be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks. However, I recovered very quickly after receiving the prayer, so I wanted to attend the Sunday service and the New Year service in the church. I asked to be released and the doctor checked my CT scan. He was so surprised by my rapid recovery. He agreed to release me on Dec. 29. But when I was going back home after I attended the New Year service from 11 PM Dec. 31 to 3 AM on Jan. 1, I had dizziness and I couldn't walk alone.

Nevertheless, I attended the first Daniel prayer meeting of the year at 9 PM on Jan. 1. I repented of not doing my church duties with true sincerity, and Mrs. Lee the director of Manmin prayer center prayed for me with her handkerchief. Then, my dizziness became so much better.

I began reading the Senior Pastor's book The Message of the Cross and his testimonial memoirs to look back on my Christian life once again, which had become kind of lukewarm. I attended the Daniel prayer meeting every night and prayed with all my heart.

On Jan. 15, I received handkerchief prayer from Mrs. Lee once again. The dull headache was gone. On the 17th, I went to take another CT scan in the hospital. It was confirmed that the blood that pooled in the head was completely gone.

Furthermore, in the special healing session of the Friday all-night service on Jan. 25, I felt God was touching my heart during the repenting time, and after Pastor Soojin Lee prayed with all her heart with the handkerchief of power I had no dizziness at all when I tried to shake and move my head in all directions. I am still perfectly OK. All the complications are gone. Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God the Father for healing me. I give thanks to my Lord for blessing me to recover my faith and to the Senior Pastor who always prays for me.

Medical Test Results

Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage without intracranial injury
Traumatic subdural hemorrhage without intracranial injury