Menopausal syndrome and asthmatic cough disappeared!
  My father was healed of COVID-19 by the prayer.
  The 19 year old symptoms of epilepsy had disappeared.
  The atopic dermatitis on my daughter’s scalp disappeared!
  I was dying of tuberculosis and I have a new life!
  Through the prayer of power transcending time and space, I don’t need glasses anymore.
  ‘Marathon Prayer Meeting’ & Online Worship Service in Ukraine
  I was healed of 20-year-old lumbar spinal stenosis.
  Every day of my life is God’s miracle!
  I deliver the love of the Lord in other languages because this is my church.
  I'd like to help the church even if it is as a small cogwheel.
  My Lord healed me of herniated disk and piles.
  My hearing came back in my left ear after 45 years
  It's not a dream anymore. I am a father!
  The old idol-worshiping village turned into a God-believing village
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