¡®Marathon Prayer Meeting¡¯ & Online Worship Service in Ukraine
  'Marathon Prayer Meeting' & Online Worship Service in Ukraine

Despite many difficulties caused by Coronavirus, 'Heaven's Door Church' in Ukraine, one of our branch churches, is trying to expand the kingdom of God without minimizing the ministry.

In particular, they are conducting the "Marathon prayer meeting" by activating cell group meetings along with online worship services. Also, church leaders are fervently praying for God's kingdom and righteousness for a certain hours every day.

In addition, "Heaven's Door Church" is trying to help the families in need by providing food, and the leaders are consoling and encouraging the church members through social media and telephone. Its Pastor Yuri Konovalov said, "Hospitals accept only coronavirus patients, so other patients are not even able to see a doctor. They are contacting us to seek God and receive prayer."

Members encourage one another by sending video greetings in Moldova

The members of Manmin Church in Moldova encourage one another by sending video greetings in the situation where all religious gatherings are prohibited. Those videos strengthen their unity and make their faith firm.

And the members attend Sunday and Friday All-night Services with the recorded services of the Central Church translated in Russian. They worship on-line by cells or homes on Sundays.

In particular, Missionary Alexandru Tabaranu leads Daniel Prayer Meeting every night and the church members join the prayer meeting on Youtube.

Members join services and communicate on Zoom in India

In the situation of COVID 19, Pastor John Kim of Delhi Manmin Church, India attends the Central Church's Sunday Morning and Evening Services on-line first and preaches the message to the church members on Zoom. He also counsels them through on-line chatting.

This ministering method has been settled to comfort and encourage the church members under lockdown due to COVID-19. He communicates with them on every Wednesday and Sunday, winning good responses from them.

The church is overflowed by testimonies; some received financial blessings even in the situation of COVID-19 and others were healed of various diseases through the prayer with the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed.