My father was healed of COVID-19 by the prayer.
Jamima Messo (Age 29, Nairobi Manmin Church, Kenya)

I was led to Nairobi Manmin Church in 2013. I hadn't prayed and had often spoken foul language.
But I was always grateful after joining the church because I wanted to live a good life by hearing the messages and hoped to share the gospel to the people.

And I had suffered from stomach ulcer. But, I got healed after Rev. Myongho Cheong prayed for me with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12). Since then, I have never felt the pain. And I realized praising God is a great blessing and voluntarily and happily participated in the choir. And lately an amazing thing happened.

My father Fransis Messo (Age 61) is a doctor and runs a medical clinic in Dandora. He was infected by a patient who visited his clinic in June. Due to serious dyspnoea, he was hospitalized in June 25, and there he tested positive for COVID-19. 3 days later, he went in a critical condition, and was hospitalized in Kenyata Medical Center.

I notified the church of my father's infection and Rev. Cheong prayed for my father on phone with the handkerchief of power. After that, the symptoms gradually disappeared.

2 weeks later the symptoms and pains completely disappeared and he got completely healed.
The test result showed "negative" and he has recovered his health.

My father has changed a lot by the experience. He started reading the Bible and praying. And he testified about how God saved him from death and lived a life full of thanksgiving. I also grew my faith significantly by his life change.

I thank God for changing my life by the word of life preached by Senior Pastor and allowing me to live in God's amazing love and His power. All thanks and glory be to the living God the Father.