I'd like to help the church even if it is as a small cogwheel.
Deaconess Jimin Park (5th Young Adults' Mission)

I attend Sunday Morning Service in the broadcasting room because I upload subtitles for Choir Anthems and various sermons to GCN webpage (www.gcntv.org), and because I have to make special notes by time during the service for later-editing work.

I majored in Science of Image in Broadcasting, and naturally came to work for broadcasting team of Young Adults' Mission, which helped me served the Lord in the church's broadcasting room beginning in April, 2011.

In June, 2011, Dr. Jaerock Lee led the "Special Divine Healing Meeting." I felt the vivid atmosphere of the meeting in the broadcasting room. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I took a small part in it.

Since then, my mind has changed. I began looking back on myself on Saturdays to do my job better, which was a wake-up call to my insensitive Christin life. Because I had to make notes of sermons, I had to focus on the message. And it helped me receive much grace through the word.

It's a very small duty, but I will keep doing my service even though it's a small cogwheel turning silently somewhere in the church.