I was healed of 20-year-old lumbar spinal stenosis.

Deaconess Rata Augustine (56, Delhi Manmin Church, India)

Due to lumber stenosis, I felt numbness on my left foot in 2000. And it caused me to lose my balance and I had difficulty in moving my body.

In order to be healed at the Divine Healing Meeting in February, I fasted a meal a day and prayed fervently at Daniel Prayer Meeting. I felt heated by by receiving the fire of the Holy Spirit every night.

And I attended Manmin Prayer Center's Divine Healing Meeting aired on GCNTV HINDI's Youtube channel. I was a nurse, but I could attend the meeting by shifting my work schedule thanks to the grace of the Lord.

When Mrs. Boknim Lee prayed with the handkerchief (Acts 19:11-12) on which the Senior Pastor prayed, I felt unbearable heat which was upon my body. And I felt at ease and was confident.

Afterwards, I had my sens back on my left foot as I stepped forward to put on the shoes. I walked step by step and noticed that I was walking with keeping my balance. Hallelujah!