It seemed impossible for me to change but I was renewed!
  I was fortunate to watch Senior Pastor's sermons on Enlace TV!
  I was healed of otitis media and sudden deafness!
  I became a blessed pastor through the holiness gospel!
  My son, Woobin, was healed of language development delay!
  My son, Isu, was healed of hydronephrosis!
  I was healed of acute myocarditis by the power of prayer!
  My church members experienced various kinds of works of the Holy Spirit!
  God healed me and blessed me!
  I was healed of gastric cancer by the power of God!
  My heart became normal and even stronger overnight!
  My Father Was to Stay Crippled, But Now He Is Driving a Car!
  I feel God's presence with me and His love!
  The Word of Life and Powerful Works Cover the World
  'The Message of the Cross', The message of life that awakens souls all over the world
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