Every day of my life is Godí»s miracle!

Deaconess Sookyung Cho (2nd Canaan mission)

"Sookyung, you always look bright and happy!"

I hear it very often. I guess it's because Father God is always with me.
I have no talents better than other's, but God met me with clear evidence that I couldn't deny.

By the grace of God, every day of my life on this earth is a miracle. How can I ever forget the grace?

One day in May, 1997 when I was 20, I had a terrible headache, and became unconscious. I arrived at the hospital by an ambulance, when my pupils were not reactive. I was examined with a brain tumor, along with severe complications such as hydrocephalus and cerebral meningitis that caused fluid to build up in my brain.

I underwent immediate surgery. I came to senses after a few days later, and I had to cry out from extreme pain. But I was more horrified to see the deaths of people who were in the same ICU with me.

Since the surgery was only to avoid emergent situation, I was moved to a bigger hospital for surgery to remove the tumor. I found out later that small tumors had already spread to nerves, and that doctors removed only the big tumor. After the surgery, my doctor urged me to call him immediately if any emergency situation occurs.

Thanks to my mother's petition, I was evangelized in bed.

I couldn't even sit down because of severe dizziness and headache. I couldn't focus at things well, and it was so painful to keep my open.

When I was in the hospital, someone who knew my mother told her about the divine healing works through Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. The person gave her Dr. Lee's sermons tapes, "The Message of the Cross," and my mother played the tapes while I was in my sickbed.

When my mother said, "Let's go to Manmin Central Church where divine healing works take place," I said to her, "I can't even walk. How can I go to church?"

After listening to the message of the cross, however, faith sprouted. Whenever I heard the prayer for the sick by Dr. Jaerock Lee, I held on to it desperately. When I heard about the "Two Week Special Revival Meeting," I decided to go to Manmin Central Church because Dr. Jaerock Lee explains the word of God well, and prays for the sick with all his strength. Back then, I had to crawl to hospital, but amazingly I could go to church by bus.

The fire of the Holy Spirit came down on me thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer.

On May 5, 1997, I stepped into the main sanctuary of Manmin Central Church, I felt immediate joy from nowhere. When Dr. Jaerock Lee preached about "the faith of a Centurion," I believed that I'd been healed. When he prayed for the sick from the altar, my whole body got heated up, and I sweated a lot. After the prayer, I felt like flying.

Once I was convinced of my healing, I wanted to completely rely on the Lord. That night, I threw away the emergency patient transportation card, emergency call number, and many medicines I received from the doctor. I don't know how I could be so brave. I think it was absolutely by the Lord's grace.

I received grace at every meeting. On the third day, I remembered the time when I didn't listen to my mother who earnestly asked me to believe in the Lord. I repented it thoroughly.

After the prayer for the sick, Senior Pastor prayed for every individual patient. As soon as he laid his hand on my head, I felt something penetrating me from head to toe.

I stood up and sang praises while clapping my hands as if I hadn't been sick at all. I couldn't just sit down and praise since I was full of the Holy Spirit.

A happy life after being healed of brain tumor

The last day of the revival meeting was my regular medical checkup day. After the checkup, my doctor looked into the charts with disbelief, and said, "It's good, Sookyung! It's good, Sookyung." The charts showed that my tumor became small.

In order to be completely healed, I eagerly clung to God by attending Manmin Prayer Center's healing meetings and Daniel prayer meetings.

The headaches disappeared and my eyesight came back; all symptoms were gone. Hallelujah!

I was convinced of my complete healing. I felt like walking on the clouds. I had no idea whether it was real or not. All I could say was "I'm happy."

Through Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer, God healed me of diseases that the medical science of the world couldn't deal with. Countless members of Manmin have experienced this kind of God's grace. They even witnessed the power of God that stopped the heavy rainfall after Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed once. The healing works of various diseases through the handkerchief that Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed on are taking place all over the world. How can I believe in the living Go?

I give all thanks and glory to Father God and the Lord who healed me of brain tumor through the prayer of God's power, and blessed me to live a healthy life for the last 23 years. Also, Senior Pastor, thank you for praying! I love you!