The 19 year old symptoms of epilepsy had disappeared.

Dhanpat Singh (Age 40, Delhi Manmin Church, left on the photo)

I began having the symptoms of epilepsy in 2001. I convulsed and had an epileptic fit mainly during night and I had the fit 6 or 7 times.

The pain that I felt was like someone put a bomb in my brain. One day I bit my tongue during the convulsion and I bled from my mouth. I couldn't eat because of the cut and I suffered from body pain and fever. My disease made my family and me exhausted.

I saw many doctors but they couldn't cure me. I took traditional herbs and relied on a shaman. I temporarily got better but soon convulsion started again. The symptoms didn't get better and I had to take medicine every day.

Meanwhile, I went to Delhi Manmin Church in 2016 by my friend's lead. I was touched by the message and kept going to the church. And I learned what sin is, how to pray, and how to lead a Christian life. And I believed I could be healed when I lived according to the Word of God. And I quit taking the medicine, but soon I took again because my condition got worse.

I found a peace of mind when I started praying at Daniel Prayer Meeting in Sep. 2019. And I was told that 2 months later Pastor Miyoung Lee would come to Delhi Manmin Church to celebrate its anniversary. I prepared for myself to be healed and stopped taking the medicine.

I heard the sermons titled "The Message of the Cross" again and repented of sins. I happily worked at the church for its anniversary.

Finally the day, the 7th anniversary Sunday in Nov., came. Pastor Lee prayed for me with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12). After that a miracle happened to me. The symptoms disappeared. Since then, I haven't convulsed and I haven't taken medicine. God completely healed me. Hallelujah!

My life has changed thanks to Manmin. I heard the sermons delivered by Rev. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul and I became a person who prays to God from heart and my family took happiness back. All thanks and gory be to Father God!