The atopic dermatitis on my daughterĄ¯s scalp disappeared!

Celestine Appalache Saint (33 years old, Nairobi Manmin Church, Kenya)

My daughter Britney was born in June 2019. Shortly after birth, my daughter's scalp had been split and pus started to flow. Even the odor from the wound prevented anyone from getting close to the child. The child couldn't stand the itching and bleed from scratching and I had to hold onto her hand all the time.

When I took her to the hospital, the doctor gave me a medicine saying it was dermatitis, and he applied the medicine to the child continuously, but it got worse. Also, I went to a famous herbalist and tried using medicinal herbs made of medicinal herbs on my child's head, but there was no improvement at all.

Because of the child who always cried with pain, my husband and I had to not fall beside to the child to take care of her, and we never had a quiet day in our home. The symptoms got worse and worse, and the depressing days continued.

Sister Gemunto, a neighbor who saw the child's terrible situation, told me that my daughter could be healed if she received a prayer from the pastor of her church. She never gave up evangelizing me, and I finally attended the Nairobi Manmin Church' Handkerchief Healing Meeting for the sick on December 15, 2019.

Pastor Myongho Cheong said that I had to repent of my sins first to be healed. I prayed to God to forgive all my sins I had committed in the past and heal my daughter.

Later, when Pastor Cheong prayed for my daughter with a handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12), her pain disappeared, and she slept well at night. When the pus stopped and my wounds hardened, I was so happy that I attended every Sunday worship service. Pastor Jung prayed for her every week, and each time the child improved rapidly, and within a month, the atopic dermatitis of the scalp was healed. Hallelujah!

She couldn't eat properly before, but now she is healed, and she eats well and plays well. I hope that many people will come to Manmin Church and be healed by the power of God, just as my daughter was healed.