[Interview & Testimony] Dr. Jaerock Lee's Message Is Totally Based on the Bible

Dr. Linda Smith, Vice President of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)

This is a part of the interview with Dr. Linda Smith, Vice President of NRB who visited GCN TV's booth during the 2012 NRB Convention & Exposition.

Dr. Linda Smith appeared on Christian Today that is GCN TV program where well-known Christian people share their testimonies and vision.

Johnny Kim: What role does NRB play and what kind of influence does it have?

Dr. Linda Smith: In 1944, there were people who opposed Christian broadcasters, and it was hard to let Christian programs broadcast on TV. To cope with this, the NRB was established. The freedom of preaching the gospel has disappeared little by little in the USA. Under this situation, what NRB has to do is to pursue the truth of the Bible and the freedom of journalism and to improve the excellence of Christian broadcasting.

Johnny Kim: Who is the Lord Jesus Christ for you?

Dr. Linda Smith: He is my King, my Savior, and everything for me. I express my love for the Lord by giving service, praying, fasting, and reading the Bible. I have helped people in the Elderly Welfare Center and served people here and there. I share the grace of the Lord and I am willing to give everything even if I become empty-handed.

Johnny Kim: There are countless pastors and messages. Why do you believe you've personally received grace through the messages delivered by Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder & Board Chairman of GCN TV?

Dr. Linda Smith: Today many pastors distort the Word of God while preaching. They just preach the message that sounds good for believers. They just say, "God is love," but they don't preach about the God of justice and God of judgment. But Dr. Lee talks about both sides of God. Also, he focuses his Christian life only on God and he puts an emphasis on the perfect obedience towards the Lord.

Johnny Kim: How did you get to know Dr. Lee?

Dr. Linda Smith: I have watched Dr. Lee's sermons on GCN website. I spent a lot of time in it because I wanted to know Dr. Lee. I wanted to listen to his message and understand it better.

I also received a lot of grace through Manmin News which is the church newspaper. In particular, I read Dr. Lee's book The Message of the Cross, which amazed me. His message awakens us as God's people so that we can come closer to the Lord, and it allows for us to have an earnest heart for better understanding of God's will. At the same time, we can know how sincerely God has worked in his Christian life through the book.

Just thinking of the history of Manmin Central Church, it has grown up to become the world's mega-sized church since it was founded with 13 members 30 years ago. It proves that God delighted in Dr. Lee's faith and exalted him. GCN TV that was established 12 years ago has done the same.

Johnny Kim: I would like you to speak to unbelievers.

Dr. Linda Smith: Our given life is momentary, and the earth is a place where we prepare ourselves for afterlife. I hope you will enjoy a happy life with the Lord forever in Heaven by accepting the Lord as your Savior.