The Lord Healed My Son's Cerebral Palsy
Kiran (28, Delhi Manmin Church)

My son, Mayank, sustained damage to his brain and internal organs due to lack of oxygen at birth. He is 4-years-old but he couldn't eat or speak properly. He couldn't stand up on his own without leaning on something. I and my husband Kashiram had to always carry him.

He couldn't run around playing with other kids. He just sat all the time. I was so heartbroken to see him.

Cerebral Palsy

My son never got better, so we went to a big hospital for an exam. We were devastated by the result.
He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to hypoxic brain damage. The doctor said there is no medicine on this earth that can cure a damaged brain and he had to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He also said later he could lose hearing and sight as well. It was a hopeless situation, and we didn't know what to do for our son's future.

Next day, with the sorrow still in my heart, I went to work carrying my son.
I explained to my boss, Nancy, what the doctor had told me. She wanted to hear the details because she used to be a nurse.

In fact, Nancy had been talking about God and Jesus Christ to me, feeling compassion for my son. However, I wouldn't listen to her because I was a Hindu.

But finding out there was no human way to solve my son's problem, I guess I was ready to clutch at any straws.

Going to Church

We heard God could heal all kinds of incurable diseases, and we finally went to Delhi Manmin Church.

On March 24, 2019, I went to a church for the first time in my life. Everything was new and I didn't understand any of the messages. I even had a nightmare that night. However, on the Friday the 29th, I still attended the special healing session of Manmin Central Church through GCN TV. I saw the testimonies of the people who got healed by God's power, and I also had hope that my son could be healed, too.

Pastor John Kim advised me I had to listen to the 'Message of the Cross' of the Senior Pastor. My husband and I listened to those messages and accepted the Lord as our Savior. We discarded all idols, too. We believed only Jesus Christ can solve our problem, and received the prayer for the sick of the Senior Pastor on YouTube.

Amazingly, my son began to recover little by little. He could hold on to the stairs and go up the steps. He began to balance his body. We had faith that he could be healed and prepared for the special healing session of April. We fasted for 3 days and repented all our past wrongdoings.

In the Special Healing Session

Finally, on Apr. 26, Friday, we attended the Friday all-night service of Manmin Central Church in Seoul through GCN TV. I had a stomachache during the message in the 1st part of the service, but in the 2nd part, the healing session, when I received the handkerchief prayer for the congregation, something hot came upon my body and the pain was gone. My husband always felt heavy, but he began to feel light since he saw an image of a dark man going out of him during the prayer.

The most incredible thing is my son Mayank began to walk after the prayer! Later, he could walk quite well. He could eat on his own. He even peeled off the wrapping of a candy and ate it while he couldn't even hold onto it in the past. Hallelujah!

Now, Mayank plays with toys and runs around like other kids. He speaks very well, too. The kindergarten teacher was so surprised, too. His recovery is so fast that no one can believe he had such a big problem unless they see the medical records. I am spreading this good news of salvation to my neighbors and one of them accepted.

I give all thanks to our Lord who has healed my son of the incurable disease and disability. I give all thanks and glory to the living God!