My Life Is Filled with Happiness Through Jesus Christ

Myeongwook Huh (71, 21st Parish)

In 1970, I had a church wedding at the age of 22 in a certain church. I began running an orchard in Icheon and had a son and 4 daughters. According to the teaching I received from that church, I believed I became a spiritual person with all my original sin and actual sins washed away through a ceremony. I was also a respected member there.

One day, however, I was very shocked to realize the sinful nature agitated in my heart. I was deceived by my arrogance that I was special. When I looked into my heart, it was a whitewashed tomb full of sins.

Eventually I stopped attending that church. I sent my wife and children to another church in Icheon. Every Sunday, I went up to a mountain to pray, asking God to guide my family and me to a leader who could lead us to true salvation.

Guided to Manmin Central Church

In 1997, my wife and children said there was a special meeting in a church, which I also attended. Pastor Soojin Lee delivered 'The Message of the Cross', and I was surprised by the purity of it. She also explained very clearly why Jesus Christ is the only Savior, which surprised me once again.

She said the message was actually delivered by Rev. Jaerock Lee after a series of prayers and fasting. I began to wonder if he might be the one I was looking for, because he receives clear revelation of the word and raised his child very well.

I wanted to see the church with my own eyes, and attended the Sunday morning service of Manmin Central Church. Listening to the message of the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee, I was filled with joy and I was assured I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I was overwhelmed when I heard the testimonies of the members who were healed by his prayer. I registered in the church being convinced that God heard my prayers and guided me there. My whole family soon registered too.

My Daughter's Ruptured Knee Tendon Healed

In January 1998, my second daughter Deaconess Shinkyeong Huh went skiing but seriously injured her right knee. The doctor said her tendon was ruptured and it had to be operated immediately, or she could be limping permanently. However, she just put the cast on and relied on God.

There was a special healing session at the time, and on Feb. 5, she received the prayer from Rev. Jaerock Lee. She received fire of the Holy Spirit. She could bend her knee now and she could jump, too. I still burst into tears thinking of that moment.

Local Sanctuary in Icheon

My faith was now set on the right track to heaven. Through the Senior Pastor's sermons, I realized true blessing is my soul's prosperity that is gained by the circumcision of heart. I tried to live by God's word.

My wife and I also had a desire to have a local sanctuary in Icheon and sowed a seed of faith along with some other believers. We offered the piano that we had bought for our children.

Finally, a local sanctuary was opened in Icheon in November 1998. I brought my relatives to the church. I wanted to give more to the Lord. I joined the Manmin Volunteer's Group and served the church members both in Icheon and main church. I also joined Shalom Choir, too.

Now, I take care of the souls as a group leader. I raise trees in the yard of Icheon sanctuary. I also volunteer for traffic and parking, too. My wife is also serving the local sanctuary with the attitude of a care-taker.

Blessed Family by God's Grace

I also run a small shoe repair shop at Icheon Bus Terminal. In the center of the Terminal are shipping containers right next to where my shop is located.

In December 2014, a big fire broke out here that burned 2 containers and the bus on the opposite side. The fire spread and burned the 1st floor of the building, too. However, my shop that was right next to those containers was not touched at all! God protected it completely. Hallelujah!

Every time we experienced God's grace in the Lord, my faith was reaffirmed. My children also were raised in faith. My son is a pastor and my daughter and son-in-law are full time workers for the church and serve as positioned leaders.

I give all thanks and glory to God the Father and the Lord who led us to the way of salvation and blessings.