Cynthia, Healed of Celiac Disease

Dr. Yoonseok Chae (MD-PhD, President of WCDN, World Christian Doctors Network)

WCDN(World Christian Doctors Network)

WCDN is an inter-denominational organization of Christian medical doctors around the world who verify divine healing cases with medical data so that they can prove God's creation and the inerrancy of the Bible.

WCDN International Christian Doctors' Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia

Gluten gives bread its unique taste and the chewy texture. However, for those who are allergic to gluten, that taste and chewy texture is a far off sensation to the palate.

Celiac disease is a condition in which gluten causes an allergic reaction in the small intestines and thereby causing disturbance in absorption of nutrients. As a result, the feces are diluted. They also carry very bad odor and much gas is produced. The stomach may swell. The patients suffer from lethargy, rashes, anemia, or lack of vitamins due to malnutrition.

There was a 7-year-old Pakistani girl called Cynthia in Lahore. In the early morning of June 15, 1999, Cynthia had acute vomiting, but it soon disappeared and the family didn't take it very seriously.
Several days later, she had vomiting along with diarrhea. She vomited liquids of blue, light green, and yellow colors. She had bloody stools too. She was admitted to Rasheed Hospital in Lahore. She was released as hervvconditions got better after 3 days of treatment.

The picture shows the stomach was swollen although she was very thin due to malnutrition. She also had a skin condition indicative of Celiac disease.

However, a week after her release, she was admitted again. Her condition deteriorated. There was bleeding in her large intestine in addition to diarrhea and vomiting. The diagnosis was Celiac disease, and the large intestines were blocked.

In the picture intestines are obstructed, showing the fish-shaped gradation (left). Left rectum does not show air shadow, suggesting large intestine obstruction.

The doctors only hoped the obstruction would disappear, giving her only basic treatment such as saline fluid and antibiotics. She couldn't eat for a long time, and she was down to skin and bones.
The obstruction did not disappear even after 24 days in the hospital. The doctor said he was sorry for her because there was nothing he could do.

However, we have hope because for God the Creator and our Savior, Jesus Christ, there is nothing that is impossible.

Cynthia's father, Rev. Wilson John Gil, had seen the power of God manifested by Rev. Jaerock Lee in South Korea, and he believed that his daughter could live if he would pray for her.
Fortunately, Cynthia's sister, Maria, was scheduled to go to Korea. On July 22, 1999, Rev. Wilson John Gil took a photo of Cynthia in the hospital so her sister could take it to Korea and receive prayer from Rev. Jaerock Lee.

At around 10:50 PM on July 23, 10 minutes before Friday all-night service in Manmin Central Church began, Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed on Cynthia's photo, and at the same moment, the Holy Spirit touched Cynthia who was in Rasheed Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

Cynthia began to recover rapidly from 7:50 PM local time (Daylight Saving). The doctors were amazed, too.

She regained her appetite. Her stomachaches were gone. Her swollen stomach also became normal. The amount of the food she could consume increased very quickly. She got her strength back and she was released in just 3 days.

Cynthia after healing

As Cynthia recovered very quickly by the prayer transcending time and space, this event obviously boosted the faith of the church members of Rev. Wilson John Gil, and the church had great revival. The pastor and the members still thank Rev. Lee and give glory to God.

Cynthia now has a very clear goal. She wants to spread the power of God. She is now majoring in nursing in a prestigious college in Lahore.