Ringing In My Ear Disappeared!

Jong Eun Kim (83, 16th Parish)

Probably because I used to listen to music with earphones, I had ringing noises in my left ear by 2017. The noise was like chirping of insects and irregular at first, but later it was there constantly.
I could understand only about 60% of what the people were saying due to the noise.

It was very uncomfortable for me. I just thought to myself, "It's natural I have this condition because I am pretty old."

In 2019, I read the testimonies of church members who were giving glory to God for the divine healings they experienced. I wanted to be healed by faith, too. I attended all of the 2-Term Consecutive Special Daniel Prayer Meeting. As I prayed every night with all my heart, I gained peace in mind and I was filled with the Lord's grace.

I also attended the Manmin Prayer Center meetings in the morning. On March 28, Mrs. Lee the director of Prayer Center prayed for me with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12).

In the Special Healing Session in the Friday all-night service on March 29, I received Pastor Soojin Lee's handkerchief prayer for the whole congregation.

After the Friday all-night service, I returned home and went to bed. When I got up, I realized the noise was gone and I could hear clearly.

How refreshed and light I felt! I was sure that God accepted and answered my prayers during the 2-Term Consecutive Daniel Prayer Meetings that I offered with all my heart.

Also, I had 'floaters' in my left eye. I always saw something like mayflies flying around. After the Special Healing Session, the condition has become much better now. Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has healed me. I give thanks for the Lord's grace for leading me to this precious church that is overflowing with the evidence of the living God.