Happy and Healthy Family by the Lord's Love!
Boseung Lim (55, 12th Parish)
I was living a comfortable life as a civil worker in Uljin, Kyeongbook Province until I faced the turmoil of life. In August 1997, I was in a car driven by a drunk driver who was one of my colleagues. While he was trying to get away from the police, he bumped into the guardrail and flew off of the road. We fell 4 meters down.

I was rescued and hospitalized for 9 days. After I came back home, I realized I was accused of being the driver. My colleague, who was the owner and the driver of the car, pinned it on me. However, by the testimony of the rescuer I was finally acquitted after a year and 4 months, and my colleague was sentenced to 6 months of jail time with a 2 year suspended sentence.

However, having pulled many strings, that colleague sued me for libel, and I received a 3-year sentence, and another colleague who was on the back seat of the car received 1 year. The press reported that I was a shameless co-worker without checking the facts. I appealed and the sentence was reduced to 1 year, but I felt so victimized.

After Reading The Message of the Cross

In 2003, as I was put in jail at the age of 39, I was so angry I thought of suicide many times. I just couldn't do it thinking of my little children. I had been going to a church since 2001, so I read the Bible 3 times in jail, but my desire for vengeance didn't go away.

One day, my wife's sister gave me The Message of the Cross written by Rev. Jaerock Lee. I felt my soul was completely refreshed from the deepest parts. Reading about why Jesus Christ is our Savior, and why God placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, I felt the love of God and was filled with joy.

After I was released in 2004, I went back to the church where I had been going. However, there were divisions in the church and I couldn't go there any longer. My heart became desperate.

Becoming a Manmin Member through a Dream

My wife Seungja Hwang had been attending the worship services of Manmin Central Church through the Internet live broadcasting since June 2005. As the year-end came near, she suggested we go to Manmin Central Church to attend the New Year service. I said there are so many other churches nearby and we didn't have to go all the way to Seoul. But something unexpected happened.

In my dream I was walking in the darkness. I saw bright light far away and went there to find a cross. As I approached, Rev. Jaerock Lee was beckoning me from behind the stage with a big smile on his face. When I went up to the stage, he opened the space behind it and took me with him into the bright light. After having this dream, I had the conviction and went to Seoul to attend the New Year service in Manmin Central Church. After that we began to attend Pohang Manmin Church.

In August 2006, I went to the Summer Retreat held in Muju. After receiving the senior pastor's prayer from the podium, my son's sickness was healed. He was 14. He frequently had pneumonia since he was 4-months old, and he was admitted often to the hospital, too. He always had to take medicines. However, by the senior pastor's prayer that day, he was healed of all his diseases and became healthy.

Making a Happy Family through Word of Life

I used to love hanging out with my friends, so I used to come home late. My wife and I tried to serve each one's own interest, and my wife often mentioned divorce. However, after becoming Manmin members, we try to understand and serve each other, so there are no more quarrels at home. We have a peaceful family now.
Being thankful for this grace, I delivered Manmin News to my neighbors. I wanted to attend the main church and moved to Seoul in 2012. I enjoyed praying at Daniel Prayer Meeting every night. My wife's basic constitution is weak, and she had sunshine allergy, urinary incontinence, bronchodilation, dry eyes, and reflux esophagitis. But all of them were healed.

In August 2014, after a colonoscopy, it was found she had a mucous cyst in her appendix that was made due to obstruction in the exit of the appendix. If this cyst grew or was inflamed, it could develop into peritonitis. In July 2016, she took an MRI and the cyst was 1cm. she didn't feel abnormal with her body, so whenever she had pain, she just received prayer with the handkerchief (Acts 19:11-12).

In March 2019, she made up her mind to get healing from God. She prepared for the special healing session with fasting prayers. When she received the handkerchief prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee, she came to repent thoroughly. Also, the Holy Spirit's fire came upon her and she

MRI Picture of Seungja Hwang

Before Prayer- A 1cm mass considered to be mucous cyst present
After Prayer- The cyst is completely gone