I've Been Healed of Sudden Deafness and Meniere Disease
Seonyeo Lim (55, 28th Parish)

On May 8, 2019, I felt like my ears were blocked. I also had dizziness. After that, I began hearing the beep in my ears. When I had sudden dizziness, I had to lie down on my bed. It was difficult to carry out my daily life. I couldn't even eat properly.

I got a medical exam and the doctor said it was sudden deafness accompanied by Meniere disease. There was no cure for this, and I had to get treatments constantly. I gave thanks to God and prayed to let me realize what spiritual problem I had. I realized my faith life was only formality and my faithfulness was a fleshly one. I repented with tears.

I attended the special healing prayer meeting held in Daejeon on June 20. Pastor Soojin Lee prayed with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor prayed after the message and repenting prayers (Acts 19:11-12). After the prayer, the beep in my ears disappeared, and I was sure of the divine healing. And actually all the symptoms were gone. Hallelujah!