Holiness Gospel Changed My Life!

His parents and brother Aleksandr Tabaranu

I've gone to church since childhood, but I committed many sins in violation of God's word. And yet I just thought I'd be saved. My life was meaningless. I couldn't find any reason to live. I'd pray, "God, if this is what it's like to live, please just take me, or let me realize the reason and meaning of life."

In 2010, my brother Aleksandr Tabaranu began to listen to the messages of Rev. Jaerock Lee through TBN Russia channel. The sermons were very interesting, and they provided the truth I had been looking for and the clear answer about the living God.

I listened to 4-5 sermons of Rev. Lee every day, including the Message of the Cross, Measure of Faith, Spirit Soul and Body, Ten Commandments, and Love Chapter.

I learned specifically how sin came into men and how we can cast them away. When I prayed after listening to the sermons, I received the strength to cast away sins. Sermons of Rev. Lee changed my life.

In the past, I didn't know how to pray; I didn't even feel the need to pray, but now I pray for more than 2 hours a day. I experienced we can overcome sin by the help of the Holy Spirit, which is given to me when I pray.

In the summer of 2017, I visited Manmin Central Church for 45 days. I learned about the ministry and organization of the church. I was very impressed by the members who prayed until late night and also their devotion. I applied what I learned to our church in Moldova, and it proved effective. I also came to have a vision to spread the gospel not only to Moldova but all throughout Europe.

I finished MIS (Manmin International Seminary) Course. I also preached the gospel in other cities in Moldova and in Lithuania and Romania. I'm also having Bible fellowship with pastors from Italy.

I serve 2 Manmin branch churches in Chisinau and Rezina in Moldova. The members there are happily leading their life in faith because they experience a lot of signs and wonders through the Senior Pastor.

My mother was at the brink of death due to acute pulmonary heart disease but was completely healed by the Senior Pastor's prayer. I was also healed of acute appendicitis. The church members were healed of leukemia, TB, ulcers, etc.

I give all thanks and glory to God the Father and the dear Lord for giving me true gospel and changing my life. I also give thanks to the Senior Pastor for teaching me the word of life and setting the example.