WCDN proves the works of Godí»s power with medical science

WCDN is a network of Christian medical doctors around the world. It was founded to prove the divine healing cases with medical data.

Since its foundation, it has held Christian medical conferences in various countries such as USA, India, Australia, Philippines, Italia, Norway, Mexico, and Bulgaria to prove that the Bible is true by providing evidences of divine healing cases that didn't depend on medicine or surgery.

With its headquarter in South Korea and 18 branches throughout the world, its ministry heavily and actively focuses on God and His divine works.

Divine healing cases presented at the 15th WCDN Conference in Poland - "Even after cerebral hemorrhage, my brain returned to normal function"

Young-Shim Lee, Senior Deaconess (57 yrs. 2-15 Parish)

It happened 14 years ago. I used to have heavy headache all the time, but in the morning on that day, I passed out and I was sent to hospital. The examination showed that I had a cerebral hemorrhage.

Doctors said I had no chance of recovery, and that I would lose my speech and live paralyzed on one side of my body for my entire lie.

Being unconscious with my arms and legs paralyzed, I was pretty much like a log. But my family prayed for me with tears. My family took me to Senior Pastor, Dr. Jaerock Lee. After his prayer, I miraculously regained consciousness.

After his second prayer, I was healed of hemiplegia. After his third prayer, I could walk freely and pick up things with my hands.

I clang to the Lord with prayers all the more, and God made me stronger everyday. 9 months later, I had CT and MRI checkup, and doctors told me amazing news. "Everything is normal with you." Hallelujah! I now live with gratitude an extra life that God gave me.

MRI Pictures

Excessive intraventricular hemorrhage is visible before prayer, but after prayer, only remnants remain.

There are countless testimonies of divine healings. Ngunza (60, female, DR Congo) and Rissi Siribas Tav (2, male, India) were healed of AIDS after receiving prayer. Ondarakh (64, female, Mongolia) and Soon-Ja Kim (74, female) were healed of Parkinson's disease, Rebecca (50, female, Germany), of bone cancer, Soo-Kyung Cho (42, female), of brain tumor, Kyung-Ah Cho (52, female), of chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma, Hyeh-Eun Kim (28, female), of anorexia, and Dong-Hwa Shin (61, female), of 50-year-old urinary incontinence by God's power through prayer.

Brother Jae-Jin Lee (21) was only 128 centimeters tall when he graduated from middle school due to nanocormia, but after receiving Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer, he became taller by 38 centimeters. He is now 166 centimeters tall, and lives his life with confidence.

Hae-Sook Choi (58, female), Choo Pung Ping (44, female, Malaysia), and Kita (42, female, India) were set free from the forces of darkness, and they now are living joyful lives. Angelica Osorio (19, female, Colombia) was healed of depression.

Dong-Sun Lee (80, male) tried to commit suicide together with his wife after suffering from underwriting someone's debt. Seak-Joong Kwon (68, male) also tried to commit suicide because of various diseases.

But both of them were brought to Manmin church, they were healed of all of their diseases, and they now live lives that are full of the Holy Spirit. There are countless testimonies of people who regained happiness at the peak of despair.

"It is a great blessing in my life to have met Manmin Church"

Dr. Daniel Fuentes, Regional Director, Mexico

I came to know WCDN through Dr. Armando Pineda, Director of WCDN USA. After I attended the 9th WCDN Conference which was held in Kenya, my life was completely changed.

The reason was that I was literally shocked by the ministry of WCDN which presents, along with medical evidences, various testimonies of those who were healed by God's power. It didn't only preach the words of God, but also presented the power of God backed by medical evidences in order to show us that God is still doing miracles in our lives. Since then, I've prepared for WCDN Conference in Mexico. As I worked with Manmin, I've experienced great happiness and blessing.

I think God uses Dr. Jaerock Lee because God recognized his holy and noble life. The Bible says, "He who believes in Jesus, the works that He does, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do." Dr. Jaerock Lee is the chosen instrument of the Holy Spirit, and he shows the power of God to the world. His life has changed so many people of the world, and he is showing countless healing works.

He's done his ministry only by faith, presenting the the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Jaerock Lee is so humble, has great love for souls, and manifests the works of the Holy Spirit. He has the duty of salvation for souls of the entire world in this end time.

My vision is to establish WCDN branch offices and help WCDN ministry with medical science to show people how medical science can go hand in hand with the word of God. I'd also like to show through this ministry that faith is yet essential to all things.

I'm grateful for being a part of the great ministry of WCDN. I'm privileged to work with Manmin to present the message of salvation.