Tokyo Tabata Manmin Church's 20th Anniversary Celebration Service and Event
  In the Sunday Evening Service on November 1, Tokyo Tabata Manmin Church in Japan gave glory to God with its 20th Anniversary celebration service and event.

At the celebration service, Pastor Kyungtae Chung delivered the message under the title of 'Journey of Faith (Deuteronomy 8:2-6)', and the following celebration event was presided by Watanabe Asuka and Watanabe Erina.

Yuhu Kathyoshi, Sujung Jung, Senior Deaconesses' Team, Men's Team, and Crystal Worship Dance Team glorified God with their performances, and they had a graceful time to watch the video of memories.

Especially, the members of Senior Deaconesses' Team glorify God with their various testimonies. For example, Enomoto Junko was healed of cervical cancer, Thuzuku Kioko was healed of shingles, and Nagashima Keiko received financial blessings.

"I am happy for there is God."

Senior Deaconess Nagashima Keiko

Recently, my husband and I are happily living a Christian life, experiencing the amazing help of God.

We had to renew the contract when the land we rented for 20 years, which required 2.1 million yen. But there was only 100,000 yen, so we were at a loss.

When we told our pastor about this, he said what to do with goodness and prayed for us with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12). Then my younger brother helped me with 800,000 yen, and we were convinced that God was helping us. With faith, we went to see the landowner, who heard us and suggested a very surprising method. Out of the total of 2.1 million yen, 1.2 million yen excluding 900,000 yen will be paid in installments 5,000 yen each month for 20 years.

It is something that couldn't have happened in Japan, where only contracts are used. This is the work of God who makes the impossible possible. I thanks God, the loving Father, who delicately helps His children to avoid difficulties.

"My Christian life is full of joy."

Senior Deaconess Thuzuku Kioko

I earnestly prayed for meeting a servant of God who could lead me well to heaven. Meanwhile, I was guided to Tokyo Tabata Manmin Church and learned about Rev. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church.

I learned what the true Christian life is from the Senior Pastor's sermons and my life changed. What I was most thankful for is that I came to pray every day.

Also, I have met God the Healer written in the Bible and I am leading my Christian life feeling the love of Father God. I was healed of shingles through the Senior Pastor's prayer. And the severe pain in my ankle sprain immediately stopped when my pastor prayed for me with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12) on which the Senior Pastor had prayed.

I am grateful that I met and experienced God in the Bible and now live a healthy and stable life. And I am so happy that my longing for the beautiful heart of goodness and my hope for heaven grew all the more through the sermons titled, "Goodness" and "Heaven" recently.